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Interview With Shachar Avrahami, Feedvisor’s Success Operations Manager

Shachar Avrahami, Feedvisor’s Success Operations Manager, discusses his career evolution at Feedvisor and how his role fits into the company's mission. By Lauren Glover February 27, 2018
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Lauren is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Seedling, a New York-based marketing firm. When not working with Blue Seedling, Lauren can be found producing podcasts and directing live shows for the children’s media company Story Pirates.

Tell us what you do at Feedvisor and how long you have worked there.

I am the Customer Success Operations Manager at Feedvisor and I have worked here for almost three years.

How did you first encounter Feedvisor? 

I was studying at Tel Aviv University and I was working as a Psychometric teacher, helping students prepare for Israel’s version of the SAT exam. I went with a friend to the university’s career fair, and Feedvisor was there. I approached the Feedvisor booth and they asked me what I was studying. I said psychology and management, and they said, “Ok, we have nothing for you.” [laughs] Then I said, “But what if I’m really, really good at Microsoft Excel?”

From there, our conversation started and then evolved. At that point, they didn’t know exactly what they were looking for, and I didn’t know exactly what to expect. They decided to take a chance on me, and I decided to go for it. I was the first Professional Services team member.

What did that role entail?

The purpose of this role was to deliver solutions to our largest customers that, at the time, our products weren’t able to provide. I would create custom reports and methods for each customer to make sure our products were giving them exactly what they needed to grow their business. At first, I was a one-man show, and then our team grew to three.

Then, fifteen months ago, my manager asked if I was interested in establishing a new role at the company. The position of Customer Success Operations Manager was created, and I became the first person to assume this new position and help define it.

Tell us about what you do in Customer Success Operations. How do you see your role fitting into Feedvisor’s mission?

Basically, my goal is to make all of our work more efficient, to define our processes, and make sure our teams are in alignment so our customers succeed. I work with all of the teams that report to our Chief Customer Officer: Customer Success, Support, Education, Analysts, and Professional Services. I am the owner of our team’s processes on the macro level, making sure all teams are aligned with the strategy for each part of the customer’s journey.

I also work with each of our Customer Success managers directly and individually. I work with each team member to establish some individual criteria that will help them monitor their own workflow and their own growth. I develop processes for our entire team, but I want to make sure that the processes are working for each individual as well. I’m always asking, “How can I save you time? What would help you manage 20% more customers?”

How would you describe the culture at Feedvisor?  

I feel very comfortable here. The people are super friendly. It’s a good environment and a good atmosphere. I know that I will have fun at work every day, and I think that’s pretty rare.

Also, my manager is challenging, in a very, very good way. He makes sure I am always gaining new skills and always taking my work to the next level. He has instilled a tremendous amount of trust in me, and in my growth.

What words of wisdom would you give to someone considering applying to a job at Feedvisor?

I would tell them that in less than two years, I went from a junior team member whom they had really taken a chance on to a member of the CCO leadership group. Feedvisor is a truly amazing place to work because everyone is invested in your growth and in seeing you succeed and reach new heights in your career.

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