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From Marketing Ops to QA Automation: An Interview With Anat Shats

QA Automation Engineer Anat Shats recounts her journey at Feedvisor, changing departments, and what she is the most excited about for the company's future. By Lauren Glover February 16, 2018
From Marketing Ops to QA Automation: An Interview with Anat Shats
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Lauren is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Seedling, a New York-based marketing firm. When not working with Blue Seedling, Lauren can be found producing podcasts and directing live shows for the children’s media company Story Pirates.

Tell me how you first joined Feedvisor.

I was in my final year at university, studying Computer Science. I had been working as a tennis coach in my spare time, but was looking for a part-time job in high tech. I wanted to work at a company where I could learn a lot and where my team would understand that I was still in school. With the help of a job placement organization, I was introduced to Feedvisor and joined their Marketing Operations team in a part-time capacity in July 2016. It was a perfect fit. I felt so supported while I was in school. I was able to finish my degree and then come on full-time.

You recently made a pretty big shift within the company, from being a Marketing Operations team member to a QA Automation Engineer. How did you make that change?

Studying Computer Science, my intention was always to be on the technical side of things. Even though I loved my Marketing Operations position, my manager always knew that my heart was in R&D. Around the time that I was finishing school, a QA position opened. The entire Feedvisor team helped me make the shift. My manager supported my growth completely and knew that this move was a big deal for me.

How are you finding your new position in QA Automation?

I love it! The work we do is so helpful to our customers. We’re building new tools that give them unprecedented insights into their businesses and market trends. We’re giving them full transparency on their businesses. I feel good knowing that the work I’m doing is helping our customers grow their businesses.

What do you think is unique about Feedvisor’s culture?

When I first started, I was truly surprised by just how friendly everyone was. I felt like part of the team right away; there was no real adjustment period. Of course I had questions, but everyone was so giving with their time and expertise.

I think the opportunities for growth at Feedvisor are unique. Since I started, I felt that my marketing manager was invested in my growth: from making sure that I was succeeding at school to helping me make the transition to being an engineer, I felt valued as a person and that my goals were being supported.

What advice would you give to someone about to start at Feedvisor?

Come in with an open mind. You will be given so many opportunities to develop new skills and reach new heights in your career. Stay open to these opportunities and don’t be afraid of them. The whole Feedvisor family will have your back.  Ask as many questions as you need. People are always here to help you.

Do you have a favorite Feedvisor memory?

There are so many good memories. Our company fun days and happy hours are great. It’s so much fun to get to know your colleagues and Feedvisor takes that very seriously. Recently, we played paintball as a company and then went on a short expedition. I had never properly talked to the other people in my jeep before and coincidentally, a few months later, I ended up on their team in R&D! I had met them all in such a fun setting and this was a great way to start my new position.

What are you the most excited about for the future of Feedvisor? What about for your particular future at the company?

I’m really excited about my transition at the company and I’m grateful to be here. Feedvisor is growing every day. We’re becoming a true leader in the eCommerce world and I can’t wait to be a part of that growth.

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