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3 Things Sellers Need to Do Now That Prime Day Is Over

By Tami Ben-David July 17, 2015
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A British ex-pat, Tami been writing and content-strategizing for Israeli tech start-ups for the last 5 years. When she's not writing nerdy content, you can find Tami on open water charity swims or traveling to far-flung countries.

There was quite a lot of commotion surrounding Amazon’s Prime Day, leaving many sellers worried about running out of stock or otherwise not being prepared.

Luckily, it turns out that Prime Day was for the most part quite manageable.

Ways to prepare for the Prime Day aftermath

Consider Prime’s growth.

Don’t forget, tons of people joined Prime in preparation for the big day, making Prime more popular than ever before. Now more than ever you may want to consider FBA if it makes sense for your business.

Prepare for shifting sands.

A number of other eCommerce giants responded to Amazon’s strategic announcement about Prime Day with huge sales or events of their own. And with Jet’s new opening planned, this is likely just the beginning of a drastic competition among the online retail Goliaths. Keep an ear to the ground any big developments will likely have an impact on your own business in at least some small way. Be sure to keep tabs on Alibaba, Walmart, Target, and

Think one step ahead.

This summer a new sales season has just popped up, a new holiday invented. How will this affect your Black Friday sales? Back to school? Christmas? Consider whether you’ll need to prepare for a similar event next year, or whether it will be bigger, smaller, or disappear altogether. In any event, it’s probably a good idea to prepare not only for your usual sales patterns but unexpected new ones as well. You may want to be especially on top of your inventory and know your metrics like the back of your hand in case an unexpected curve-ball comes your way.

Prime Day Wrap Up

It’s quite possible that the disruptance of Prime Day was a one-time thing with no long-term effects. But the key thing to keep in mind is that the alternatives mentioned above are just as likely. And as any seller knows, it’s always good to be prepared and stay one step ahead of the game!

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