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By Marissa Incitti June 22, 2023

How do I win the Buy Box?

It’s the million dollar question. Well, maybe not a million dollars, but winning the Buy Box will definitely make a substantial difference to your business. There are a multitude of metrics that impact the Buy Box and each one affects it in a different way.

Sellers need to understand each metric and decide which ones to prioritize working on.

The following Cheat Sheet gives you the fast and basic facts. Discover how much of an impact each metric has, and how you need to be performing in each one to stand a chance of winning the Buy Box.

What’s Revealed in the Cheat Sheet:

  • Which of your seller metrics may need some work
  • The importance Amazon places on each metric in its calculations
  • The minimum standards to win the Buy Box for each metric

To get a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of each individual metric, see Feedvisor’s Ultimate Buy Box Guide for 2023.

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