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Amazon Expert Briefing: Amazon’s Role in Brands’ E-Commerce Strategies

In this Amazon Expert Briefing, Feedvisor President and COO Dani Nadel details the importance for brands to forge an Amazon strategy if they have not yet. By Dani Nadel February 6, 2019
Amazon Expert Briefing: Amazon's Role in Brands' E-Commerce Strategies

Amazon Expert Briefing: Amazon's Role in Brands' E-Commerce Strategies

The Amazon Expert Briefing series focuses on Feedvisor’s hands-on expertise across price, advertising, and brand optimization and intelligence, with Amazon at the center. This post is led by Feedvisor’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Dani Nadel.

With significant momentum building around the transformative opportunities that Amazon presents to those who operate on it, such as access to new customers, diverse selling channels, ongoing reinforcement of brand values and influence, and improvements to key metrics such as impressions and conversions, brands are restructuring their approach around the platform.

Brands cannot afford to ignore Amazon. When auditing their existing businesses and making the decision to forge an Amazon strategy, brands must understand customer behavior and motivation on the interface. As their businesses scale, brands need to work with committed experts in the space and utilize third-party Amazon optimization software to achieve the maximum return on investment.

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Dani is the President and Chief Operating Officer at Feedvisor. She is a recognized marketing and digital expert with more than 20 years of hands-on experience managing nationally recognized consumer and corporate brands.

Brands can pull various levers to ensure their brand reputation, integrity, and shopper perception all remain intact. They can discover how to be agile in navigating dynamic market forces such as pricing, inventory, demand, and the competition. Finally, they can own how they are visibly represented online, whether through ad campaigns, content, or search placement. Feedvisor’s Amazon Intelligence Score, known as RAZ, helps brands realize their actual Amazon power, focusing on the three pillars of Reputation, Agility, and Vizible Force.

All of these capabilities demonstrate the urgency to integrate Amazon, and when they are working together can not only lead to untapped profits for brands, but allow them to have a robust presence where their customers of today and tomorrow are — a necessity in an age of e-commerce dictated by the shopper. In our first-of-its-kind report, Brands and Amazon: Insights, Opportunities, and Concerns in the Age of E-Commerce, we surveyed more than 500 business leaders from major U.S. brands to reveal the measures brands are taking to drive sales, attain new customers, and solidify their brand presence.

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