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The 2021 Amazon Buy Box Playbook for Sellers and Retailers

Find out which factors have the biggest impact on Buy Box success and how sellers can optimize their strategies to outpace the competition. By Matt Juul July 20, 2021

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Update: Get the most up-to-date 2023 Amazon Buy Box Guide.

For large sellers and retailers on Amazon, winning the Buy Box is paramount to their success and driving sales on the platform.

Merchants are constantly battling over this prime piece of e-commerce real estate, taking every step they can to maximize Buy Box share and grow profits through data-driven optimization strategies for pricing, advertising, content, and inventory management. 

Explore Feedvisor’s 2021 playbook to learn more about Amazon’s latest Buy Box eligibility requirements, how to optimize operational performance to drive sales, plus other essentials that sellers need to know.

Why Winning the Buy Box Matters for Sellers on Amazon

Last year, more than 2 million U.S. small and medium-sized businesses sold over 3.4 billion products on Amazon, making the marketplace as competitive as ever for today’s sellers.

With over 80% of Amazon sales taking place through the Buy Box, sellers must do everything in their power to win this crucial placement on product pages across both desktop and mobile. The Buy Box is integral to driving revenue and growing profits, requiring holistic optimization strategies that balance high seller performance metrics with competitive pricing.

Download our 2021 Amazon Buy Box Playbook for Sellers and Retailers to learn more about the nuances and requirements of the Amazon Buy Box, as well as specific strategies to help you increase and maintain your Buy Box share, with data-driven insights and tips that will help your business achieve profitable growth.

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About the Author

Matt Juul is a content writer at Feedvisor, where he contributes to the company's content marketing initiatives. Prior to joining Feedvisor, he was a content marketing writer and podcast host for a business aviation brokerage.

What Will You Learn in the Playbook?

  • Amazon’s latest requirements for sellers, with a comprehensive breakdown of how the Buy Box actually works
  • Expert tips and insights on which performance metrics are crucial to maximizing your Buy Box share
  • How to holistically create strategies for pricing, advertising, inventory, and more that will outpace your competitors
  • The facts behind common myths and misconceptions around winning the Buy Box on Amazon

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