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Optimize Full-Funnel Amazon Advertising Performance With Best-in-Class, AI-Driven Technology

Discover why the largest advertisers on Amazon use Feedvisor’s industry-leading optimization platform to maximize sales and RoAS across the funnel for every ad type.
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By Natalie Taylor May 25, 2021
15x — The average RoAS clients experience leveraging Feedvisor’s Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform.

Brands and retailers understand Amazon’s critical role in their broader e-commerce strategies. With more consumers shopping on e-marketplaces than ever before — and over 200 million Prime members worldwide — establishing an Amazon presence is essential for scaling online and reaching high-value, digital-first shoppers. 

Indeed, simply having an Amazon presence is not enough to succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace climate. Consumers crave engaging, personalized online experiences, enhanced with rich media and shoppable content. Advertising has become a core component of an effective Amazon strategy to ensure your brands and products are discoverable, reach the right audiences, and drive sales.

According to Feedvisor research, 58% of brands see a great deal of value in Amazon Advertising, the highest percentage to date. The reason for this substantial increase is simple — Amazon Advertising works.

Amazon’s role as a top shopping destination uniquely positions the platform to not only best meet the needs of consumers but also drive ROI for brands and retailers in their full-funnel advertising efforts. From Sponsored ads to Amazon’s DSP, there is ample opportunity for retail companies to reach their target audience on and off Amazon’s marketplace, while driving conversions and tangible returns directly through the platform.

As more brands and retailers leverage Amazon Advertising as a full-funnel solution, Feedvisor continues to expand and evolve our suite of advertising optimization and intelligence capabilities. In 2020, we introduced the next-generation platform for Amazon Advertising, featuring natural language processing (NLP) driven keyword harvesting, deep-learning bid predictions, automated campaign structure management, and more. Today, our platform optimizes every aspect of your advertising program on Amazon.

Feedvisor’s advanced Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform is the industry leader in optimizing sales and RoAS across the funnel. Sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and AI-driven technology enable the most precise bidding, targeting, and forecasting, empowering our customers to maximize their ad spend, drive profits, and grow market share on Amazon.

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Inside Feedvisor’s Full-Funnel Advertising Solution for Amazon and E-Marketplaces

Backed by proprietary AI and 11 terabytes of data, our best-in-class Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform supports all Amazon ad types and targeting capabilities, including:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands Video
  • Sponsored Display
  • Amazon DSP
  • Product Targeting
  • Audience Targeting
  • Dayparting

Unlike any other solution within the Amazon and e-marketplace ecosystem, Feedvisor’s platform empowers brands and retailers to understand the impact of Amazon Advertising on their operational metrics, focusing beyond campaign performance alone. The platform connects brands’ and retailers’ advertising data with their operational data, providing exclusive insights into their catalog performance down to the ASIN level. 

Seamlessly connecting clients’ granular strategy with actionable analytics and autonomous, AI-powered actions, Feedvisor’s Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform enables brands and retailers on Amazon to:

  • Define ASIN-level objectives which the AI engine instantaneously converts into actions, from harvesting targets to optimizing bids
  • Continuously review the impact of strategic adjustments on multiple levels of their catalog, such as sales and revenue
  • Understand which advertising strategies, methods, and approaches perform best for not only campaigns but also individual products, brands, and product lines
  • Automate and optimize 24/7 as well as receive real-time KPIs for all campaigns conveniently within a single, user-friendly dashboard 
  • Monitor share of voice and outpace the competition on the brand, catalog, and ASIN levels with proprietary SearchGraph and ProductSphere technologies 
  • Drive unparalleled results while minimizing wasted spend with the most precise bidding, targeting, and spend management across the funnel
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About the Author

Natalie Taylor is the content manager at Feedvisor, where she oversees and executes on the company's content marketing strategy. Prior to her work at Feedvisor, she wrote for a B2B supermarket magazine, focusing on merchandising and marketing trends in the grocery industry.

Final Thoughts

While 51% of brands report 7x returns on Amazon Advertising, Feedvisor clients who leverage our Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform experience returns of 15x and more. 

However, to realize the true value of Amazon Advertising requires an integrated, data-backed approach. Our platform is the first enterprise-grade solution that provides businesses with a unique understanding of how advertising contributes to operational performance — from the brand level down to the product level — allowing brands and retailers to make data-informed decisions and optimizations to their overall Amazon strategy. 

Discover how Feedvisor’s best-in-class Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform can help you turn insights into action and scale your business on Amazon and e-marketplaces. Get started now with a free 60-day trial and see why the largest global advertisers on Amazon leverage Feedvisor’s industry-leading, AI-first platform and team of experts to maximize full-funnel performance.

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Optimize Full-Funnel Amazon Advertising Performance with Feedvisor's "AI-First" Platform

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