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Brands, Amazon, and the Rise of E-Marketplaces

Our 2021 report examines over 1,000 U.S. brands and their relationship with Amazon and e-marketplaces, advertising and media trends, plans for expansion, and more.
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By Natalie Taylor February 26, 2021
2021 Trends for Brands, Amazon, and E-Marketplaces

42% more brands are selling on Amazon now than before Covid-19.

The digital revolution of 2020, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, accelerated not only consumers’ adoption of e-commerce but also brands’ adoption of an Amazon strategy. 

Now more than ever, brands recognize Amazon’s central role in their overall e-commerce mix — 78% of brands are currently selling on Amazon’s marketplace and even more are leveraging the company’s advertising platform to strengthen their brand presence in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

As Amazon continues to grow in significance, other e-marketplaces are emerging as legitimate challengers, including Google Shopping and Kroger, which rank among brands’ top channel considerations for expansion. 

How has your business adapted to succeed in retail’s new normal? Which areas in e-commerce and media should you invest in to best reach and resonate with today’s digital shopper? 

In its third annual installation, “Brands, Amazon, and the Rise of E-Marketplaces” documents over 1,000 leading U.S. brands and their evolving relationships with Amazon and e-marketplaces. The 2021 report includes a deep dive into brands’ advertising and media strategies, plans for expansion, the pandemic’s impact on their businesses, as well as key areas of competition and opportunity.

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About the Author

Natalie Taylor is the content manager at Feedvisor, where she oversees and executes on the company's content marketing strategy. Prior to her work at Feedvisor, she wrote for a B2B supermarket magazine, focusing on merchandising and marketing trends in the grocery industry.

What Will You Discover in the Report?

  • How brands allocate their media spend across key channels including Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, and Google
  • Which Amazon ad types drive the highest RoAS
  • What brands see as their greatest source of opportunity in 2021 and how you should prepare your business
  • Plus over 100 must-see stats to help you navigate today’s marketplace-drive economy

Certainly, brands who have been slow to embrace e-commerce — and Amazon, in particular — risk falling behind, as consumers solidify their online shopping habits and preferences for e-marketplaces and digital media engagements. Leverage the groundbreaking insights in this report to benchmark your performance, understand key trends, and optimize your e-commerce strategy for 2021 success.

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