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Maximize Your Brand’s Amazon Presence With End-to-End Brand Optimization and Intelligence

Discover how Feedvisor's brand optimization and intelligence platform can effectively establish your brand's presence and drive brand awareness on Amazon. By IT January 18, 2019
Maximize Your Brand's Amazon Presence With End-to-End Brand Optimization and Intelligence

The online selling ecosystem is complex for brands. When establishing an Amazon strategy or optimizing the processes already in place for the platform, there are many elements to consider. Many of these variables lead back to maintaining brand equity and simultaneously avoiding brand erosion.

Whether to defend their brand from unauthorized resellers, leverage Amazon’s customer base and reach, liquidate a specific subset of products, test select SKUs or new segments, or acquire net new customers, an increasing number brands are diversifying their revenue streams to include Amazon. In order to maintain and grow their identities, influence, and profit margins, brands need Amazon expertise and data-driven intelligence to help them scale profitably, diversify their strategies for discoverability, and drive awareness and engagement with consumers.

Feedvisor’s brand optimization and intelligence platform combines AI-powered technology and a managed services team of Amazon experts to strategically create and optimize your brand’s presence on Amazon, with your specific business goals and needs at the center.

What Are the Benefits of Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Brand Optimization Platform?

1. Feedvisor’s managed services team supports you in planning, creating, and optimizing product listings. Whether you need content cleaning, updating, or SEO optimization for your listings, Feedvisor’s experts will ensure that you compete better for organic rankings, and ultimately drive higher conversions and sales.

2. The team will run promotions and deals on behalf of your brand, as well as produce brand-specific content such as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ Content, or display ads to enhance product discovery and conversion.

3. With Amazon storefront enhancement, you can showcase your brand through Amazon Store brand pages and landing pages that effectively convey your brand story. We will create and maintain the pages, as well as populate them with the optimal products and curated multimedia content, helping the consumer discover any value-added benefits, features, or use cases to influence their buying decision.

4. By leveraging AI-driven technology, our managed services team create, manage, and optimize your Amazon Advertising campaigns, while simultaneously harvesting positive and negative keywords and driving optimal target and breakeven ACoS and sales velocity.

5. We provide digital shelf analysis and hands-on support for the transition to the third-party marketplace, inclusive of price, advertising, and brand optimization.

  • With price optimization, we provide best-in-class algorithmic repricing and optimization against competitive sellers and resellers, as well as custom pricing models that provide real-time pricing against other brands and private label to help you maximize results and maintain brand equity.
  • With PPC advertising optimization, our campaign manager automatically adjusts your ads based on business strategies and enhances your brand positioning and value proposition with effective ad campaigns.
  • With brand optimization, we provide an authorized versus unauthorized seller evaluation that will shed light on who is selling your products and if they are permitted to do so. In addition, MAP and MSRP enforcement targets who is selling your products at the highest velocity and winning the Buy Box the most frequently and quickly and accurately identifies any sellers’ MAP violations on ASINs in your catalog. 

6. Our managed services team of Amazon experts will provide reputation management strategies and recommendations and monthly analysis and impact reviews to ensure that your brand experience on Amazon is successful.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are operating via a 1P, 3P, or hybrid selling model, Amazon offers a significant opportunity to fuel awareness and engagement, build influence, and understand consumer behaviors and patterns. Through pricing and optimization strategies, advertising campaign management, and brand presence set up, management, and conversion optimization, Feedvisor’s “AI-first” platform provides a holistic solution for managing your brand’s visible presence and ensuring success online, with Amazon at the core.

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