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The Amazon Advertising Playbook for Sellers and Brands

Whether you are a 1P or 3P seller on Amazon, this eBook contains fresh takeaways about Amazon’s ad offering and how you can leverage them to drive results. By IT October 24, 2018
The Amazon Advertising Playbook for Sellers and Brands

Not only do customers visit the Amazon marketplace to browse and shop, but they also utilize the platform to discover new brands and products. According to Amazon, 80% of Amazon customers use the shopping destination specifically for the latter. Given this, it is clear that if you are a brand or seller operating on Amazon, a proven methodology to getting your items in front of net new customers and broadening your brand exposure and reach is through advertising. With strategic advertising, you will be able to stand out and get discovered on the highly competitive, ever-expanding marketplace.

Why Should You Advertise on Amazon?

One main benefit to advertising on Amazon is that you can tailor your campaigns according to your specific business strategies — establishing awareness for a product launch, driving demand generation, increasing brand discoverability and visibility, end-of-life product liquidation, or customer education on specific products.

Additionally, advertisers are drawn to the marketplace because it is innately a platform for buying. Shoppers see the ads on the same platform where they make a purchase, which lowers the chances of abandoned carts and increases buyer loyalty. With its U.S. ad business on pace to generate over $4.6 billion in revenue this year, Amazon has made it very clear that advertising is an immediate focus and will be for years to come. For sellers and brands, this growth means a continuous rollout of advertising programs to take advantage of on the marketplace. Whether you are a 1P, 3P, or hybrid seller, this playbook provides a detailed account of the advertising opportunities available to you on Amazon, along with tactical ways that you can optimize your current business model or campaign process for advertising success.

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What Inside the Playbook?

  • Insights on traditional Amazon advertising methods such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, and how you can leverage them if you are not already or optimize them if you are
  • Fresh ideas surrounding non-traditional advertising methods and how you harness them to increase traffic and drive your Amazon SEO ranking up
  • Best practices for each advertising vehicle, with a specific nod to 3P or 1P sellers
  • Practical ways to align your ad campaigns and business strategies
  • Requirements and recommendations for keyword structure, research, and optimization
  • The most important ad-specific metrics that you should be tracking on an ongoing basis

If you are a brand or retailer, here are a few key questions to ask yourself. Have you incorporated advertising into your Amazon strategy? If you have, is your ad performance up to par? Are you doing everything possible to drive traffic to your product listings? In this all-encompassing advertising playbook, you will be able to absorb the key strategies to fast-track your Amazon ad performance according to your business goals. Whether you are a 1P or 3P seller on Amazon, you will learn how to maintain a fluid advertising strategy by experimenting with both traditional and non-traditional advertising methods to help increase traffic and conversion.

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