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Drive Conversion With Feedvisor’s Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Platform

Discover the benefits of having an AI-driven, machine-learning campaign manager to help optimize your Amazon Advertising performance. By IT January 14, 2019
Drive Conversion With Feedvisor’s Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Platform

Amazon’s advertising offering has established its footing in the market, with an increasing number of advertisers shifting their ad budgets to the platform. If this growth in the advertising sector continues, the company is on pace to double its ad revenue among the top U.S. ad buyers in the next two years, giving it 12% of total digital ad spending in 2020. This anticipated gain of digital ad market share between now and 2020 is the highest amount compared to any other platform.

Last year, Amazon cemented its position as the number three digital ad seller in the United States, with no signs of slowing down. Historically a best-in-class repricing solution, Feedvisor recognized this growth and has aligned its offering to meet the needs of brands, who require robust advertising and brand optimization strategies to drive growth.

Brands and retailers need expertise and tools to help them navigate Amazon’s complex landscape, increase growth as they scale, and maximize their opportunities for discovery, influence, and reputation management. Feedvisor’s advertising optimization and intelligence platform enables brands and retailers to do just this, through an AI-driven pay-per-click campaign manager.

What Are the Benefits of Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Advertising Platform?

1. Feedvisor’s Amazon PPC campaign manager allows you to maximize ad performance according to your unique business strategies. Whether you are launching a new product or focused on liquidation or profit generation, the sophisticated, machine-learning technology automatically adjusts bids according to these needs.

2. You can create, manage, track and optimize your Sponsored Product campaigns in one dashboard and do not need to worry about toggling back and forth between a complicated software stack or a multitude of dashboards.

3. The campaign manager supports manual and automated campaigns for keyword harvesting and negative keyword identification and optimizations. Feedvisor campaigns — which link manual and automated campaigns — are also available and the platform has the capability to optimize existing campaigns and launch new ones. The machine-learning algorithms and optimization engine operate on a daily basis, aiding in the keyword harvesting and automatic bid adjustment.

4. There are two ways that brands and retailers can engage with Feedvisor’s advertising optimization technology — a self-service platform to create and optimize campaigns themselves, with support from customer success, or a managed services team of Amazon experts who leverage AI to create and run campaigns. You can select the model that makes the most sense for your business.

5. With managed services, our team optimizes product detail pages and advises on keyword efficacy, product images, and SEO-rich content within titles and bullet points to aid your product visibility and organic ranking. The team facilitates the creation, optimization, and ongoing management of Sponsored Product campaigns. At each stage of the campaign, our managed services team of Amazon experts provide in-depth insights and recommendations, working to ensure that targets are being achieved.

6. You can receive a comprehensive, end-to-end view into your campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency, and ad spend. We will also strategically work with you to establish an optimal target and breakeven ACoS, as well as sales velocity. The campaign manager can track your advertising KPIs that matter most to your operation.

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Final Thoughts

Advertising effectively is a critical piece of the puzzle to succeeding on Amazon. Just as it has done for the e-commerce leader, advertising has the capability to drive incremental revenue to your business if leveraged properly. The reality is that active management of Amazon pay-per-click campaigns can be extremely time-consuming and your performance insights can be difficult to derive. Ideally, you would manage every product as if it were its own business. However, effectively managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs manually is just not feasible.

This is where AI-powered technology, such as with Feedvisor’s advertising platform, can provide immense value. The key is getting started, experimenting and optimizing, and aligning yourself with a team of Amazon experts that can provide you with the experience, technology, and scalability to compete effectively on Amazon.

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