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Introducing the Only “AI‑First” Advertising Platform for Amazon

Feedvisor's advertising and brand optimization platform enables brands, retailers, private labels, and large sellers to drive demand, profits, and revenue. By IT January 8, 2019
Introducing the Only "AI‑First" Advertising Platform for Amazon
Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, both built on big data, are at the center of the work we do at Feedvisor.

Since Feedvisor’s inception in 2011, we have been dedicated to providing our clients with two key constants — cutting-edge technology and a passionate team of in-house experts who are entirely committed to your success from the moment you partner with us. Over the past eight years, the strong shift to e-commerce has become tremendously clear and the in-depth knowledge that today’s consumers have of the Amazon marketplace is remarkable.

Shopping on Amazon has not only become mainstream, but a practice that is regularly embedded into daily life for millions of people globally. For the sellers and brands whose livelihood depend on a functioning marketplace, there has never been a time more critical than now to embrace evolution and find strategic partners that will help carry your Amazon business to the next level.

From an algorithmic repricer revolutionizing marketplace selling, to recent innovations in advertising and brand optimization, we offer sellers and brands business-driving clarity and control by automating processes and simultaneously increasing ROI. At the forefront of retail innovation, the new advertising and brand optimization platform enables brands to connect with new audiences, meet their customers where they are, attain incremental growth, and ensure accurate representation on Amazon.

Leveraging business and operational intelligence in a platform of unparalleled depth and scope, Feedvisor drives seller and brand success at every e-commerce touchpoint. With Amazon at its core, the expanded offering has solidified our position as the “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon.

With tailored solutions for large sellers, brands, retailers, and private labels, we combine best-in-class algorithmic pricing, strategic advertising campaign optimization, and brand management to help you find the solution that best fits your business needs. Once we have a clear picture of your strategies and goals, our end-to-end offering brings those elements together to drive demand, profit, and revenue growth to your Amazon business.

Our platform is inclusive of three products: advertising optimization and intelligence, brand optimization and intelligence, and price optimization and intelligence. Although each product has unique features, all of them include dedicated consulting services — our team of Amazon experts provide hands-on support and strategic insights and are entirely committed to your success.

Advertising Optimization and Intelligence

Brands and retailers can engage with Feedvisor’s pay-per-click advertising campaign manager for Amazon Advertising in one of two ways — a self-service advertising platform to create and optimize campaigns themselves, with support from customer success, or a managed services team of Amazon experts who leverage AI to create and run campaigns, while simultaneously harvesting positive and negative keywords and driving optimal ACoS and sales velocity.

Predictive business intelligence focuses on increasing product discoverability and conversion and maximizes your ad performance according to your business strategies and goals. With targeted keyword insights, demand prediction, and a 360-degree view into your campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency, and ad spend, you will be able to understand what is and is not working and how to accelerate your ad conversion on Amazon.

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Brand Optimization and Intelligence

With strategic managed services for brand optimization, Feedvisor plans, creates, and optimizes product listings for organic rankings and conversions, runs promotions and deals, and produces brand-specific content such as Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content to drive discovery and conversion.

Designed to help you create and optimize your brand’s presence on Amazon, brand optimization leverages in-depth SEO analysis, pay-per-click advertising, MAP insights, and competitive landscape analysis — all while allowing you to maintain influence and control over your brand’s product listings. Brands also receive brand and landing page enhancement, monthly performance and impact reviews, support for the transition to the third-party channel, and strategic reputation management tactics to sure your brand experience on Amazon is successful.

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Price Optimization and Intelligence

The core facet of price optimization and intelligence is our best-in-class algorithmic repricer that adapts to your inventory levels and competition in real-time. It aggregates a multitude of data points in one place and responds to constantly changing market conditions to fuel your profits and revenue. Predictive business intelligence analyzes critical pricing, performance, inventory, and competitive data to help you optimize your Amazon operation on a holistic level.

For large sellers and retailers, price optimization and intelligence ensures that you win the Buy Box at the optimal price point for each specific item. For brands and private labels, you can drive higher demand and velocity for your products while optimizing inventory management and operational actions. Feedvisor’s platform considers seller performance, competition, and your targets to determine the right price, maximizing your overall profits.

With operational insights, you can discover your sales and order data from one dashboard in order to identify trends and seasonality, forecast appropriately, and optimize top sellers. With revenue insights, you can pinpoint specific strategies to increase your revenue at both a SKU-specific and overall business level.

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Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, both built on big data, are at the center of the work we do at Feedvisor. With Feedvisor’s end-to-end “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform, brands and retailers will be able to utilize this technology while receiving around the clock support and Amazon expertise.

In today’s ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, it will be business-critical for brands, retailers, large sellers, and private labels to establish, optimize, and monitor their Amazon strategy in order to effectively maximize results. Whether results are quantified as sales conversions, ad clicks, SEO ranking, Buy Box share percentage, impressions, inventory position, or a unique metric for your business, Feedvisor is ready to help you make impactful decisions that will truly make a difference to your bottom line.

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