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Showcase Your Brand With Amazon Stores

Discover how Amazon Stores offer 1P and 3P brand owners the opportunity to create a curated destination designed specifically to your target audience. By IT January 11, 2019
Showcase Your Brand With Amazon Stores

A key step to brand differentiation on Amazon is finding unique outlets on the platform that are entirely dedicated to your brand and its value proposition, and that incorporate rich content that will drive engagement and pique consumers’ interest to learn more.

Amazon Stores — which are free of charge and available to both vendors and sellers that are brand owners — allow you to create your own curated, multi-page destination for prospective customers to shop your products and discover your brand story.

Stores can receive traffic from organic locations on Amazon, such as your brand-name link on your product detail pages. It can also be used as the landing page for any of your Amazon or non-Amazon activities, helping drive brand awareness at other touchpoints on the platform.

Features of an Amazon Store

Stores can help you build your brand’s presence on Amazon and increase sales, giving you one dedicated place for your brand on the platform. Stores are visible on any screen size or device type, and you can preview your Store on mobile or desktop before publishing it. Here are the key features of an Amazon Store:

1. Unique design: You can choose from several design templates with varying store layouts and customizable features that tell your brand’s story the best.

2. Custom curation: Showcase specific products, along with optional multimedia content designed to help increase engagement.

3. Integrated promotion: Stores have built-in social features like social sharing buttons that you can utilize in unison with promotional extensions such as Sponsored Brands, to drive traffic to your Store.

Amazon Stores have three preset templates that you can choose from, allowing you to utilize the design template that makes the most sense for your brand. You can see examples of Stores from brands such as Listerine and Vitamix here.

1. Product grid: This template offers an easy way to display your product selection.

Amazon Store_product grid

2. Marquee: This template includes a curated product display, with overflow space for additional copy and images such as product descriptions, images of the product in use, and customer testimonials.

Amazon Store_marquee

3. Showcase: This template is ideal for brands that want the flexibility to create a more content-rich experience. It features a large selection of products and provides ample room for product details and associated visual content.

Amazon Store_Showcase

Every piece of multimedia content must be high-resolution and meet the minimum specifications for the selected tile. They should not be pixelated, distorted, or stretched and videos should be no longer than five minutes. Text must be legible against the image background and size, and all calls to action in images and text must be clear and direct. Each CTA must link to a product detail page, product grid, or another store page and must be relevant to the content of that page, such as Shop Now or Learn More.

How Amazon Stores Drive Awareness and Discovery

Not only are Amazon Stores aesthetically pleasing, but they also elevate the shopping experience because they allow brands to:

  • Promote new products to existing customers and educate prospects simultaneously.
  • Increase organic ranking and sales velocity.
  • Capitalize on internal and external traffic sources.
  • Put a personal brand touch on the page via supportive content and brand freedom.
  • Market the Store via other touch points, such as Sponsored Brands.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Stores give you the opportunity to maintain your brand identity through an engaging and dedicated destination for your brand. You can highlight value-added benefits or features, show videos or images to demonstrate these features, show the product in use, and illustrate your brand’s story and commitment to the consumer.

Whether you decide to implement an Amazon Store to generate demand, launch a new product, or increase brand awareness, Feedvisor’s managed services team of Amazon experts can help you create and maintain your Store pages, as well as populate them with a handpicked assortment of products and content that supports your brand’s values, image, and priorities on Amazon.

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