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What You Need to Know About MAP Compliance on Amazon [Guide]

Discover how you can identify and take action against MAP policy violators on Amazon and specific ways to protect your brand moving forward. By IT November 27, 2018
What You Need to Know About MAP Compliance on Amazon [Guide]

Maintaining a healthy balance on Amazon between your brand identity, pricing integrity, and industry relationships can be a daunting task for brands, whether you are new to the Amazon ecosystem or have been selling your brand on the marketplace for a long period of time. As a brand manufacturer or distributor, it is your responsibility to take ownership of your pricing strategy in order to prevent price erosion from both authorized and unauthorized sellers on Amazon. By establishing a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy and management process, you are taking the first step to safeguarding both the value of your products and brand as a whole.

In our most recent guide, What You Need to Know About MAP Compliance on Amazon: How to Identify Violators, Protect Your Brand, and Take Action, we compile actionable strategies that you can use to effectively handle both types of MAP violators — authorized sellers who may have broken MAP by accident or chose to for a specific business reason, and unauthorized sellers who are highly equipped and notorious for operating Amazon storefronts under false names. The policies, which are typically between the manufacturer and seller, aim to prevent branded products and their value and pricing from being diminished via low advertised prices.

Today, more and more brands that are establishing an Amazon presence are implementing MAP policies to protect their brand equity, prevent brand erosion, and ensure their seller network does not take advantage of the relationship and unique opportunity to sell the branded items. The guide is complete with an overview of why MAP policies exist and what the purpose of having them in place is, as well as step-by-step tips on how to effectively handle MAP violations now and in the future.

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What Else Will You Discover in the Guide?

  • Benefits of MAP policies, not just for your brand but for others involved in your selling cycle at some point, such as retailers and consumers
  • The best ways to monitor the Amazon marketplace for MAP violators, accurately identify them, and ensure compliance
  • Actionable steps to enforce MAP guidelines and how you can handle repeat offenders in your seller network

In order to avoid rampant MAP violations, there are key actions you can take to mitigate the risk of MAP violators continually going against the pricing agreements in place, such as solidifying your distribution channels and tightening up your supply chain. We dive into specific ways to maintain and preserve your brand’s equity in the guide and hope that you utilize this resource to uncover ways to effectively monitor Amazon for MAP violators, take action against noncompliant sellers and resellers, and proactively prevent the issues from happening again.

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