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2019 Amazon Trends and Predictions: Top Insights for Sellers and Brands

Whether you are a seller or brand, find our key Amazon observations for 2018 and the top insights and trends to know and act on for 2019. By IT November 6, 2018
2019 Amazon Trends and Predictions: Top Insights for Sellers and Brands

Growth projections estimate that by 2022, e-commerce revenues will exceed $638 billion in the U.S. alone. As you prepare your 2019 marketplace strategy, taking into consideration pricing, inventory, advertising, and operational functions, you can capitalize on what worked and what didn’t this year to accurately inform that strategy. For example, an increasing number of online retailers and brands are leveraging technology alongside personalized customer experiences to empower consumers through a multitude of touchpoints. It is undeniable that 2018 was inundated with key moments in time for Amazon. From positive inroads in both the grocery and health care sectors to significant growth of its advertising arm and Prime membership surpassing 100 million members globally, the company’s reach is constantly broadening. Along with its exposure and reach, the company’s innovation and advancements in artificial intelligence and automation coupled with its customer-obsessed mantra allow for continuous optimization. From experimenting with robotic picking arms in Amazon fulfillment centers to constantly enhancing Alexa’s voice activated capabilities, the company is adept at moving the needle across a variety of categories and industries. To take their customer personalization a step further, they just announced Amazon Day, a new invite-only program that will allow customers to choose the day of the week that they would like their packages delivered. In our latest report, we have compiled the top 2019 Amazon trends and predictions for you to be aware of as a seller or brand operating in the space.

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  • A recap of 2018 and key insights from the year, such as a noticeable increase in shopping via mobile and mobile consumption as a whole
  • Statistics surrounding the growth of Amazon Advertising in 2018 and strategies of how brands and retailers can optimize their ad strategy heading into 2019
  • Important Amazon trends to be aware of, such as the growth of the company’s private label business and brick-and-mortar presence

From technological developments to the rise of Amazon Advertising and the ongoing transformation of the customer experience, the report contains both notable highlights from 2018 and significant trends that we believe will continue to play a role in the 2019 e-commerce landscape. Given the constantly changing nature of online consumers’ shopping habits and preferences, it is up to you to maintain awareness of these patterns and trends, as they will inevitably impact your Amazon business in some way.

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