The Pulse of Online Retail: Key Takeaways for Brands

A Snapshot Into How Over 1,000 Brands Are Navigating Key E-Commerce Trends, Challenges, Opportunities, and Beyond

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By Rachel Horner June 7, 2024

Inflation, AI technologies, a proliferation of e-marketplaces, and more have reshaped e-commerce as we know it. 

Yet, delving into every trend isn’t always possible; sometimes, you just need the big picture.

Put your finger on the pulse of the evolving online retail space with The Pulse of Online Retail: Feedvisor’s E-Marketplace Survey Highlights, a snapshot encapsulating the key insights from our sixth annual e-marketplace report. Using our key stats, stay tuned to the major trends, opportunities, and technologies vital to e-commerce success.

Want to learn even more? Download the complete e-marketplace report to explore how brands perceive and navigate the most significant trends, opportunities, challenges, and beyond.

What’s Revealed in the Infographic:

  • Major obstacles (and solutions) for brands in the latter half of 2024
  • Retail dilemmas AI is addressing head-on
  • Emerging sales channels for brands — hint: Google doesn’t make the cut
  • The impacts of inflation for brands
  • A glimpse into the state of retail advertising

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