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Live Webinar: Smash Your Q4 Sales Goals

By Chen Melamed November 12, 2017
Chen Melamed
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Chen is a copywriter at Feedvisor with her finger on the eCommerce pulse. She loves easy-to-chew creative content, good food and discovering hidden gems.

Secrets From the Pros

The biggest selling season of the year is underway. What’s your game plan? Are you putting all your efforts into hitting your Q4 sales goals? If so, you’re on track. But what if you could take your sales one step further? What if you could leverage your Q4 profits to prepare for 2018? Want to learn the secrets from the pros? The Amazon experts are back! 

Sustain Your Q4 Growth

Although your mind might currently be set on Q4, it’s not too early to think about how you’re going to sustain your Q4 growth through 2018. Q1 is one of the most difficult times of the year to sell and many sellers just drown despite enjoying a profitable Q4. Don’t be one of them and let your Q4 margins go to waste.

Join us for a live webinar – Smash Your Q4 Sales Goals: Secrets from the Pros this Tuesday, November 14. We’ve teamed up with Amazon pros Peter Kearns of 180 Commerce and Jeff Cohen of SellerLabs to bring you the best-in-class tools on how to make the most of Q4.

In this exclusive webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage increased Q4 sales
  • Optimize keywords for increased traffic
  • Use your 2017 data to take the right business actions
  • Plan for Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Prepare your 2018 inventory with replenishment and scouting reports

Expect to walk away with advanced strategies and best practices you can then apply to your Q4 game plan and Q1 targets.

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