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The 2021 Amazon Buy Box Playbook for Brands and Private Labels

Find out what role the Buy Box plays for 1P, 3P, and hybrid brands, plus how to optimize strategies to maximize sales and success on Amazon. By Matt Juul July 22, 2021

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Although it plays an important role for every business on Amazon, the Buy Box serves different purposes for each selling type, requiring first-party (1P), third-party (3P), as well as hybrid brands and private labels to adopt specific strategies optimized for their needs.

In order to thrive on Amazon, brands must have a thorough understanding of how this essential piece of e-commerce real estate operates in accordance with their unique business goals and selling model, plus which factors need to be considered to grow Buy Box share and, ultimately, increase sales and efficiency across their entire operations.

In Feedvisor’s 2021 playbook for brands and private labels, explore Amazon’s updated Buy Box requirements, how to maximize your success through holistic advertising and pricing strategies, and more expert tips to grow market share, increase sales, and drive profitability.

Why Optimizing Buy Box Strategies Matters for Brands on Amazon

Amazon’s marketplace is more competitive than ever, with 78% of U.S. brands now selling on the platform, according to Feedvisor’s 2022 report. Additionally, 88% of brands now utilize Amazon Advertising — an indication of the rising competition and brands’ willingness to pay to effectively compete on the marketplace.

As competition over the Buy Box and beyond continues to intensify, brands need to take the necessary steps to optimize their marketplace presence and brand representation, with the end-goal of driving more sales through advertising, pricing, content optimizations, and more working together in a unified and systematic way.

Download our 2021 Amazon Buy Box Playbook for Brands and Private Labels to gain expert insights and data-driven tactics that will help you outpace your direct and indirect competitors on Amazon while increasing profits through holistic strategies tailored to the needs of today’s 1P, 3P, and hybrid brands.

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About the Author

Matt Juul is a content writer at Feedvisor, where he contributes to the company's content marketing initiatives. Prior to joining Feedvisor, he was a content marketing writer and podcast host for a business aviation brokerage.

What Will You Learn From This Playbook?

  • How the role of the Buy Box varies for 1P, 3P, and hybrid brands and private labels
  • Key tips for 1P brands to ensure brand protection and accurate representation on Amazon
  • Which factors hybrid and 3P brands must consider to grow Buy Box share, including pricing, advertising, and inventory
  • Essential strategies for making holistic optimizations to your overall operation that will lead to higher sales and profitability

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