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Account Balances and Transactions

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The seller’s Account Balances and Transactions are detailed notes about the monetary transactions within a seller’s account. This is a running tab, and the seller is able to access it at any time for reference or dispute.

Accessing the Account Balances and Transactions

View the Account Balances and Transactions by visiting the Payments section from the Reports area within the Seller Account. Alternatively, the seller can simply wait until the matter has been dealt with, and an email including all the details of that transaction will be sent from Amazon.

Account Balances and Transactions Details

The Account Balances and Transactions include everything that has been going on within the seller’s account recently. From the simplest transaction such as a standard monthly charge for the Pro Merchant Account holder to more complex Chargebacks or disputed returns, all these dealings are recorded and listed within this area.

Sellers should be aware that all deposits that are made from Amazon into their accounts will reflect the total sum after all charges have been accounted for. This will include any deductions made for regular fees, returns, or other charges that may have accumulated throughout the month.

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