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Bulk Listing

Amazon Bulk Listings

Professional sellers can create bulk listings for the same items being sold through Amazon or third-part affiliates. This can alleviate hours of tedious work, and can also lead to more productive sales outcomes since more products will be placed into the Marketplace faster.

Creating Bulk Listings

Amazon uses a basic spreadsheet template format to enable quick and simple bulk listings creation. The seller needs to own some sort of spreadsheet program, but any brand will work with this standard format.

  1. The seller should begin creating the bulk listings by selecting the option that suits the inventory best. Choose from:
    1. Standard Book Loader for standard books and writings.
    2. Music Loader for all items that fall within the music section.
    3. Video Loader for all items that fall within the video and DVD section.
    4. Inventory Loader for a general product listing.
    5. Price & Quantity for editing existing products that have already been entered into the system.
    6. Note: The Price & Quantity option is not used for creating a new listing item but rather for maintaining and managing pre-existing items.
  2. Once the type of template is selected and downloaded, the seller can continue the process by inputting all of the required product information for the relevant merchandise. The seller is cautioned to enter data accurately and carefully to avoid misrepresentation, as well as misplaced inventory due to lack of information or inaccurate listing details.
  3. After the information is saved on the spreadsheet, the file needs to be saved as a text (tab-delimited) (*txt) file in order to bring it over to the Seller Account page.
  4. Upload the file onto the seller’s page to see a complete list of the current bulk listings that have been created.

Using Fulfillment by Amazon for Bulk Listings

If the seller wishes to create bulk listings for products that are to be part of a Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) plan, the same procedure applies with two important specifications to clarify.

  1. When filling out the inventory file template, the seller should specify “Amazon_NA” under the Fulfillment Center ID section. This will notify the system that these items are to be handled by Amazon as per the Fulfillment by Amazon agreement. If this section is left without a specified value, the items will be assumed to be Fulfillment by Merchant products, and Amazon will not be responsible for packaging, shipping, or handling any of these purchases.
  2. The Quantity field should be left blank. Even if a value is given to this section, if the above section is given an “Amazon_NA” command, the values will be overlooked. Fulfillment by Merchant items that contain no quantity value will be marked “Out of Stock” until the error is corrected.

Individual Items Listings

The above information is in reference to creating bulk listings only, and none of the data will be relevant to individual items listings. Rather, read the Create a Listing page to learn all about how to create single item listings.

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