Customer Uploaded Product Images

Customer uploaded product images on Amazon

Amazon buyers have the opportunity to share their own photographs of products purchased through Amazon in this Customer Uploaded Product Images section. Buyers are encouraged to use the photographs they upload to express their opinions of the products, and demonstrate how they use the products. Essentially, the Customer Uploaded Product Images function as pictorial reviews. Sellers are therefore encouraged to make sure that their customers have the most positive experience possible, to avoid the risk of a negative review-via-photograph.

How to Upload Images

Buyers present their pictures on Amazon using the following procedure. Buyers should:

  1. Click Share your own customer images; Upload your photo; or Upload an image. Often, these options appear beneath the main product image on an Amazon product page.
  2. Browse images from the computer, and select them.
  3. Upload them.

Images should be JPEG files with a maximum size of 4MB. Image height and width should be between 60 and 2500 pixels.

Note: All images uploaded to Amazon, including buyer-initiated images, are subject to Amazon terms, conditions, and regulations. Any customer uploaded image that violates these terms will be removed by Amazon.

Buyers also have the opportunity to vote against poor quality images, and against depictions and captions that they believe do not represent the product. Similarly, if buyers consider an image to be offensive, illegal, infringement of copyright, pornographic, or otherwise in violation of Amazon’s guidelines, they may click Report Abuse (at the right of the image) to report the image as problematic.

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