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Amazon’s Flexible Payments Service (FPS) is set of API services that enable sellers to develop highly customized systems of payments, including a scalable payments infrastructure. The system facilitates sellers accepting payments on their websites, whether as payments for physical or digital goods, one-time or recurring payments, payments for goods and services, accepting donations, deferred payments, and more.

API Toolkit

Amazon’s API toolkit helps sellers integrate payments and enable buyers to pay using the information stored in their Amazon accounts.

Note: Amazon’s FBS may be reached using web browsers only.

FPS Transactions

Using FPS, Amazon buyers may pay for their purchases, and Amazon sellers may receive their payments. The API developer may transfer funds between the buyer and the seller, and may also function as either buyer or seller in the transaction, though one may not be both buyer and seller in the same transaction. Sellers should make sure that their websites and applications may be integrated with the following interfaces:

  • Co-branded Service API: This service obtains the buyer’s authorization of payment.
  • Amazon FPS API: This service processes the payment.

Note: Amazon FPS offers sellers a test environment called the Sandbox, where sellers may test requests without making purchases or incurring other charges.

Quick Start Implementations

The FPS is extensive, so Amazon offers five Quick Start implementations to help sellers access the appropriate functionality for their needs.

  • Basic Quick Start: This implementation facilitates single payments for one-time payments, digital content, services, and e-commerce. Sellers may charge buyers as soon as the order is fulfilled or defer the charge until the buyers return to the site to confirm payment.

Note: FPS supports credit card payment, bank account payment, or Amazon Payments account balances.

  • Marketplace Quick Start: This implementation facilitates transactions between buyers and third-party sellers, including accommodating the fees associated with this kind of transaction processing.
  • Advanced Quick Start: This implementation facilitates recurring or multiple payments, including subscriptions and increased charges to the buyer.
  • Account Management Quick Start: This implementation facilitates access to all account activity.

Note: For more information on getting started with Amazon’s FPS services, see here.

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