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Improving one’s Seller Rating is vital to any Amazon selling experience. The Seller Rating measurements help the seller identify steps to be taken to improve customer service strategies that will lead to more satisfied buyers, a better rating, and greater success for the Seller’s business.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve Seller Rating:

A-to-Z Guarantee Claims and Chargebacks

A-to-Z claims and chargebacks negatively affect the seller’s rating. Avoid them by:

  • Answering all e-mail messages from buyers within 24 hours.
  • Refund orders when appropriate and in a timely manner. Always respond promptly to return requests.
  • Accurately list items giving honest and thorough descriptions, titles, and conditions of all products.
  • Only ship to the address provided by the buyer.
  • Package items carefully and use shipping methods with tracking.
  • Update inventory on a regular basis to avoid running out of stock.
  • Monitor the progress of all orders and promptly notify buyers of any delays.

Expired Orders

  • Avoid letting orders expire, meaning allowing an order to be canceled by Amazon because the seller has not fulfilled or confirmed shipment.
  • Always check the status of orders in the Manage Orders tab of Seller Central.
  • Always set the listing status to inactive when away from the computer, on vacation, or unable to manage the account for any duration of time.

Negative Feedback

  • Maintain a minimum stock level so there is less of a chance of having to cancel an order that has been placed.
  • Buyers are expecting to receive exactly what they see in the images in the listing, so do not exaggerate when describing products.
  • Maintain a sense of professionalism and ensure that all communication with any customers is relevant and appropriate.

Seller Cancellations

  • Do not cancel an order unless the buyer has requested it.
  • Update the inventory on Amazon regularly to avoid receiving orders for items that are not currently in stock.
  • Make sure that the pricing is correct on all listings. An error in pricing may lead to cancellation.
  • If an order must be cancelled, do it quickly and notify the buyer immediately.

Late Shipments

  • The Seller must always confirm shipment once units have been sent to the buyer. See details about the Order Timeline and the shipping process for more information.
  • Once confirmation of a shipment has been made, the buyer can track the status of the package. If the confirmation is overdue by more than three days, the order is shipment is considered late.
  • Ship orders by the expected ship date provided with the order details and do not list items that will not be able to ship on time.
  • Confirm all shipments immediately to notify the buyer and Amazon.

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