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The More Buying Choices box is a service that Amazon provides for its customers. This box shows a number that appears on a product detail page and lists one to three Buy Box-eligible sellers who also have that item for sale.

Sellers who have a superior level of customer satisfaction and overall service will qualify for this feature. Price and availability are also factors that determine which sellers will appear within the More Buying Choices box.

Qualifications for Achieving Featured Merchant Status

Amazon chooses Featured Merchants based on several factors. The overall concept is geared towards providing Amazon Buyers with optimal shopping experiences. Below are the qualifications that a Seller must meet to compete for the Featured Merchant Status:

  • Sellers must be Professional Sellers to qualify for the FMS.
  • Consistent quality service must be upheld in order to constitute as a Featured Merchant. Sellers who have the FMS and fail to exhibit excellent performance can lose their featured status.
  • The Order Defect Rate, a rating that is calculated based upon customer feedback, all A-to-Z claims, and chargebacks incurred by the seller, is also an important factor. The lower the better.
  • Various other performance variables that indicate the quality of a seller’s service.
  • Experience based on the length and amount of time a seller has been a member of the Amazon selling team.

How a Seller Can Improve Status

Maintaining a constant standard of service for all customers is always the optimal way to earn Buy Box-eligible Status. This may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • Accuracy: This means listing all products being sold accurately, with proper titles, descriptions and categories. Buyers get frustrated when items are not what they were described to be, and Amazon frowns upon this.
  • Shipping Expediency: Sellers should double check that the product being shipped is the correct item, that the shipping address is correct, and that any other shipping details have been confirmed and taken into consideration. Also ensure that orders are shipped quickly, as soon as possible once the order and payment details are confirmed.

Note: Always inform the Buyer immediately if the Seller is unable to meet shipping requirements or estimated delivery dates.

  • Communication: The Buyer wants to be kept informed of Order Status, possible delays, or issues that arise. The seller should be in contact with the Buyer with any necessary communications. Also the Seller should respond to comments efficiently to build trust and avoid negative feedback.
  • Customer Service: The key to superior selling performance is giving each Buyer the kind of quality customer service that they desire. Sellers who provide quality gain a reputation for quality, and that is possibly the biggest factor in achieving Featured Merchant Status.

Sellers who meet these qualifications are eligible for the Buy Box.

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