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A Product Title is the listing name of the item being sold, chosen by the seller to best represent the product. Buyers find products on Amazon when the search term they enter retrieves a given Product Title, making these terms critical to sellers, and sales may indeed depend on their wording. Product Titles are created by sellers when they establish the products they sell on the New Items Setup spreadsheet, and are entered in the appropriate column.

Recommended Criteria

Product Titles should be brief and informative, and include key product details. Pricing and promotions should not be included in the Product Titles. Sellers should also avoid being too general or generic. A good rule of thumb is to create Product Titles that include Brand, Model, and Product Type, as well as whatever additional specifics identify the product. The following template includes all necessary information, and nothing extraneous:

[Brand]+[Sub-Brand]+[Model Number]+[Size]+[Product Description]+[Defining Features]

Example 1: Instead of the generic “DVD Player,” a seller should list: Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player (Progressive Scan).

Example: 2: Instead of the generic “tablecloth,” a seller should list: Benson Mills Flow “Spillproof” 60-Inch by 120-Inch Fabric Tablecloth, Ivory.

Style Requirements

Amazon requires that all Product Titles adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The first letter of each word in the Product Title should be capitalized, except for prepositions, conjunctions, etc.
  • Numbers should be numerals, and not spelled out (“3”, not “three”).
  • The word “and” should be spelled out (lowercase). Ampersands (&) should be used only when used in a product’s brand name.
  • Words that indicate measurements should be spelled out (inches, feet, ounces, pounds, etc.).
  • Product details (e.g., size, color) should only be included in Product Titles when they are distinguishing features – for example, when an item is available in several colors.

Note: Amazon recommends that Product Titles use no more than 80 characters of the maximum 500 allotted.

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