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When a seller’s inventory dips to the quantity established by the seller as a threshold, Amazon’s fulfillment center notifies the seller with a Replenishment Alert so that the seller can replenish the supply in a timely way.

Benefits of Replenishment Alerts

Thanks to the automated system of Replenishment Alerts, sellers are better equipped to meet the needs of buyers. Some of the benefits of Replenishment Alerts include:

  • Listing Flexibility: Sellers do not need to monitor every listing.
  • Personalized Alert Quantity: Sellers may establish the alert quantity for either items or for groups of items.
  • Personalized Alert Timing: Sellers may establish the alert quantity in units or per the number of weeks of on-hand fulfillable inventory (based on the 30 previous days of sales), also known as weeks-of-cover.
  • Convenience: Sellers are notified that the replenishment threshold has been reached via a convenient email.

Sellers are advised to determine the threshold for the Replenishment Alerts in accord with their average sales and the time it takes them to increase their supply at Amazon’s fulfillment center. Ideally, the Replenishment Alerts should be sent early enough to prevent the sellers from ever having difficulty fulfilling buyers’ orders.

How to Set Replenishment Alerts

Sellers should follow the following procedure to put their Replenishment Alerts into practice:

  1. At the top of the Seller Central page, click the Inventory tab.
  2. Click Manage FBA Inventory.
  3. On the Inventory Amazon Fulfills page, identify which listings will receive Replenishment Alerts.
  4. On the Apply to Selected Item(s) menu, select Set Replenishment Alerts.
  5. Click Go.
  6. On the Set Inventory Replenishment Alerts page, in the Alert Threshold field, enter the preferred threshold.

Note: On the Inventory Amazon Fulfills page , a gold bell appears next to the quantity of the given listing in inventory. When the inventory dips to the determined threshold for a Replenishment Alert, the bell turns red.

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