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A return mailing label is required whenever a buyer wishes to return an order to the seller. These stickers can be printed individually by the seller, or they can be generated by Amazon through the link provided. All returns can be handled and kept track of within the Manage Returns section of the Seller Account.

Printing Return Mailing Labels From Amazon

Amazon will create return mailing labels for the seller upon request. This will contain the seller’s mailing address and the MSKU of the specific item being returned. Return mailing label services are reserved for the Pro Merchant account holders only. After the seller agrees to the return, this option will be made available. If the seller chooses not to confirm the request for return, the request should be closed, and Amazon will send the buyer an informative message explaining the reason for the request denial.

Seller-Generated Return Mailing Labels

The return mailing labels that originate from Amazon will not have the option of being pre-paid. If the seller wishes to offer the pre-paid service option to the buyer, then a personalized return mailing label must be uploaded to the system. By providing a pre-paid return mailing label, the seller can often take the amount of the shipping off of the overall refund amount. This is only the case if the buyer chooses to use that label. The buyer has the right to opt for purchasing their own shipping services.

If the seller wishes to use this service, he must input the following information into the appropriate form:

  • Any tracking information such as a number or code for tracking the package.
  • An approximation of the overall shipping costs that will be incurred for the return of the item.
  • Any instructions for packaging or return shipping for the buyer. These, however, must be limited to 1,000 characters or eight lines of text. Instructions can be automatically created whenever a return mailing label is printed by setting the default label box within the Return Settings.

In addition, the seller must be aware of the parameters of the unique return mailing labels that Amazon requires, including:

  • Files must be 2MB or smaller.
  • Files must be one of the following file types in order for it to be accessible by the system: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, or .tif.
  • The actual return mailing address must be formatted in plain-text.

Certain fees and charges may apply for a returned item. See the Amazon Fees page for more information about restocking fees. Visit the Refund Orders page to learn more about issuing a refund before or after an item is returned. Refunds are up to the discretion of the seller and Amazon does not take part in the process at all.

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