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Every Amazon seller has an account with customizable seller account settings. The seller account settings are found in five tabs with drop-down menus at the top of the seller’s account page:

  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Performance
  • Settings (to the far right of the menu bar)

Seller Customization

Each category contains many subcategories that sellers can tailor to their individual preferences or needs. Personalize your page in the following ways:


  • Low Price Comparison. This feature allows sellers to see, and therefore, match the current lowest prices on Amazon for the same products.
  • Results per page. This feature allows sellers to choose how many results they will see on each Inventory page.
  • Shipping charges in price columns. This feature is connected to the Shipping Settings page. When sellers have selected the Item/Weight-Based shipping model there, they may opt for the lowest shipping charges to be displayed in the Your Price and Low Price columns too. When this option is selected, Match Low Price uses the total price of the item and shipping for comparison. Otherwise, matching is based on the cost of the item alone.
  • Initial sort. This feature allows sellers to choose the default sort order, as it will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Column display. This feature, together with search filters, allows sellers to show and hide columns to determine the listing table’s column display.


  • Manage orders. This feature allows sellers to view the details of every order, confirm that shipments have been made, print shipping labels, and issue refunds.
  • Order reports. This feature enables sellers to download text files containing order information.
  • Upload order-related files. This feature allows sellers to upload text files with shipping information for each order, any order adjustment details, and order cancellations.


  • Seller performance. This feature allows sellers to track their performance statistics, as determined by Amazon.
  • Site metrics and reports. This feature provides sellers with strategic metrics that will enable them to improve their approach.
  • Payments. This feature allows sellers to view the payments to their Amazon Payments accounts that have been received via orders made through Checkout by Amazon.
  • Feedback. This feature enables sellers to track buyer satisfaction.


  • Customer metrics. This feature allows sellers to determine their success with regard to customer satisfaction.
  • A-to-Z Guarantee Claims. This feature allows sellers to manage whatever A-to-Z Guarantee Claims that buyers have filed with them.
  • Chargeback claims. This feature allows sellers to manage any Chargeback Claims filed by buyers.
  • Performance notifications. This feature allows sellers to see any Performance Notifications regarding the sellers’ accounts that Amazon has sent out.


  • Account information. Here, sellers update their business names, bank information, and notification options.
  • Login. Here, sellers change their names, their email addresses, and their passwords.
  • Shipping settings. Here, sellers view and edit their shipping rates and restrictions.
  • Promotions. Here, sellers create and manage promotions for the products they sell.
  • Taxes. Here, sellers manage tax rates on their orders, as required.
  • User permissions. Here, sellers manage user permissions for all Seller Central tools.
  • Your Info & Policies. Here, sellers create and edit their FAQs, their privacy policies, their return & refund policies, their shipping rates, and any gift services that they provide.
  • Order pipeline settings. Here, sellers configure the features of the buyer’s experience during Checkout.

Note: All of the above tabs are readily apparent on the navigation bar, with the possible exception of Settings, that is placed on the far right.

All of the above features are designed to enhance the experience of Amazon’s sellers, and to facilitate their improved performance and sales.

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