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Amazon terms and conditions

Sellers who use Amazon and its affiliates agree to the Terms and Conditions of Amazon simply by using the site. The bulk of the Terms and Conditions agreement is below, for review.

Entities Included

The terms “affiliate,” “affiliate companies,” and “affiliate services” refer in part or in whole to any branch that is directly related to, under supervision of, or in a supervising role regarding Amazon, as well as to individuals and corporate entities that have entered into any form of marketing or business venture with Amazon. These affiliates are equally absolved and covered under the following terms and conditions/agreements, whether stated explicitly or not mentioned at all within the terms.

All services, features, applications, and products rendered through Amazon or any of its affiliates are supplied as per the acceptance and compliance of the terms stated below. The agreement made by the seller is legally-binding and should be reviewed carefully before signing.

E-Communication Consent

During the course of business transactions, a seller or other authority may require written consent or interaction between themselves and Amazon. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the seller consents to these communications being transmitted electronically, either through private email or via one of the global website pages hosted by Amazon.

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright Disclaimers

Any services, features, applications, or products offered by Amazon are governed by the Amazon-owned patents and are subject to those infringement laws. In addition, all content, including creative content, such as icons, images, graphics, audio bites, data and text, that is on any of the Amazon sites or services, is expressly covered by both the United States as well as international right of first publication rights. All subject matter found within these areas will be protected by these laws.

In addition to the legally binding copyright and patent laws protecting all Amazon services, etc., all content as listed above, including graphics, headers, scripts, text, and more are covered by individual Amazon trademarks. As such, these items may not be used, neither collectively, nor individually, without the express consent of Amazon. Content may not be used outside the Amazon-approved parameters, specifically, in situations that may allow users to infer an erroneous connection between the individual and Amazon or one of its affiliates. Seller-owned images, text and other content are subject to their own individual trademarks and sole property of each seller.

Use of Services

Use of any and all Amazon or Amazon-affiliated services is subject to all the provided terms and conditions. When such conditions are met, Amazon or its affiliate services grants the user access to its services. All use of services provided by Amazon or its affiliates is non-transferable and limited to its own terms. Access and use may not be granted or sub-licensed to a third party under any circumstances. Terms of use are not applicable to the resale or other transactional use of the services themselves, illegal collection or transference of data, storage, downloading, or arrogation of content or services.

As part of the terms of service, the user agrees that nothing, whether collectively or individually, found on or within the Amazon sites or affiliate services will be copied, sold, recreated, or misused in any way, shape or form. Any usage of Amazon or affiliate services or content that is rendered illegal by law is expressly prohibited. Amazon reserves the right to cancel any and all services as well as deny access to services if any of these terms and conditions of service are not met or are infringed upon.

Individual Accounts

Amazon and affiliates provide individual accounts to users on the condition that the users have full responsibility over the accounts. It is the responsibility of the account owner to ensure password and general account content integrity, and any abuse of services originating from a given account will be the user’s responsibility. Products and services are provided to legally-authorized individuals of eighteen years of age and older and are subject to all state and national laws that govern the individual. Specifically, alcohol sold through Amazon or one of the affiliate services is available to adults over the age of 21 only. Any practicality that includes the use of alcohol is subject to the same stringencies.

Third-Party Services

Any services or products sold on Amazon or one of the affiliate sites or businesses run through these sites are the sole responsibility of the business, product, or service provider. Amazon does not obligate itself to review the content or condition of these third party distributors and holds no responsibility to maintain said businesses. Any infringement or legal obligation falls directly to the business in question. Externally-Generated Communications and Content Non-members of Amazon and affiliates are granted the ability to leave conditional content on the website as well. The following are acceptable forms of communication that guests are allowed to use:

  • Product or services critique.
  • Statements concerning their experience with a seller, service, or product.
  • Queries about services or products.
  • Pictures.
  • Helpful proposals.

All forms of communication are subject to Amazon terms and conditions and must comply specifically with the below requirements:

  • Subject matter may not be offensive, illegal, menacing, or libelous.
  • Subject matter may not attempt to collect or reveal private information about the individual, seller, account owner, or other affiliated or non-affiliated persons.
  • No content containing malware, viruses, data-collection software, political, or persuasion-oriented messages, transactional requests, mass-target messaging or any spam in general are considered acceptable forms of communication.
  • Communications may not be left using a false identity, email address, or name. In addition, individuals may not pose as or claim to represent another individual or a corporation.

Guests and users who leave any form of communication state that they are in full legal possession of the rights to use and publicize this content. In addition, they must confirm that the information or content does not contain harmful properties and will not cause injury to any individual or corporation as a whole. Communicators absolve Amazon and affiliates from any claims that may arise in the future regarding said communications.

It is within Amazon’s full legal rights to delete or edit any such content that does not abide by the above listed regulations. Amazon does not, however, take responsibility for the maintenance of external communications on any accounts, and it is up to the individual account owners to review and remove unwanted or fractious communications.

When leaving any form of communications on an Amazon or affiliate site, the guest automatically supplies Amazon with the full rights to access, replicate, duplicate, alter, release, and use in any way this content without any further written consent, permission, or communication. Amazon reserves the right to use the communication in conjunction with the affiliated name that was given. However, Amazon is not obligated to do so and does not need to provide any accreditation towards the communicator.

Claims of Copyright Infringement

If copyright infringement is suspected, a claim should be registered immediately, and Amazon will launch a thorough investigation into the matter. Amazon holds the user’s privacy and properties in the highest regard, and will not tolerate any violation of possession, material, intellectual, conceptual or otherwise. A request should be sent directly here. Written claims are also acceptable. They should include an actual signature of whoever is filing the claim and the party communicating in the copyright infringement claim’s stead, a descriptive representation of the piece under dispute, detailed location of violation in question, and an in-depth affirmation discussing the wrongfully represented article. The written claim should also include the user’s private information such as physical address, contact number, and email address. Finally, a formal, written assertion should be included stating that all the information discussed within the request is true, accurate, and legally-binding. This assertion will be legally-binding on the claimant.

Shipping Responsibility

Products and services provided by the seller and sold through Amazon or affiliate services are the sole responsibility of the seller and not of Amazon. If items are damaged, lost, or ill-handled, the matter should be researched by the seller and addressed with the delivery service in question.

Note: This stipulation does not apply to Fulfillment by Amazon orders, which are subject to different regulations.

Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds are subject to specific regulations, and Amazon reserves the right to waive these regulations individually, in accord with the situation. The Returns and Refunds sections of the Amazon guidelines offer a comprehensive discussion of these matters.

Descriptive Content

Amazon and affiliate services take no responsibility for the accuracy and appropriateness of the descriptive content found on any of the Amazon sites. This includes product descriptions sold by individual sellers, and features and services provided by Amazon itself.

Listed Prices

Pricing is the sole jurisdiction of the seller, provided that the quoted price is within Amazon’s Pricing Regulations. While Amazon makes every effort to create a fair and competitive open market, Amazon assumes no obligation to monitor or regulate pricing. In general, all prices listed or suggested are within the industry-standardized range. Prices may or may not fall within this range, as it can fluctuate according to day, season, condition, or individual influencers. Amazon does not obligate itself to ensure the price of any given item. There is always a margin for error, and the seller, not Amazon or affiliates, will be held responsible for mispriced items. In the event that an ordered item is found to be inaccurately priced, Amazon reserves the right to cancel the order or contact the buyer, as Amazon sees fit.

Software Conditions

Amazon software is made accessible to users on the understanding that all usage will comply with Amazon’s terms and conditions. The user agrees to these terms, and will be held responsible for any wrongful usage of any Amazon software. The user agrees that any use of Amazon software will not be for personal or monetary gain, will not be used in conjunction with the user’s own site, program or product, neither individual units, nor the software in its entirety. The user affirms that any and all Amazon software remains the exclusive property of Amazon and will not be sold, rented, loaned, or apportioned in any other way, nor will any license of usage be given over, not through verbal, written, electronic, or any other form of agreement, to a third party. The user ensures through this terms and conditions agreement that the Amazon software will not be used for any actionable purposes. Failing to abide by any of the conditions set forth within this document or any other terms that Amazon has expressed grants Amazon the legal authorization to cancel account access or deny access to any of the Amazon services in full or part.

It is illegal to take part personally, enlist someone externally, or even stimulate another individual or corporation to manipulate the Amazon software in any way, shape or form. This refers to any type of modification, reverse engineering, or duplication of the services or software. The user agrees to abide by all exportation laws and limitations set out by the United States government and agencies. Government representatives are granted access and usage to Amazon software and services as a “Commercial Item,” characterized and subject to specific codes and regulations set forth by the government. As Amazon works in conjunction with other companies frequently, users may often be engaged in multiple services while using services. Users must understand that individual companies have their own set of terms and conditions as well as charges, none of which absolve or bind Amazon.

Warranty and Rights Disavowal

Amazon and affiliate services are provided on a non-negotiable, non-committal and current status basis. This is applicable to all Amazon services, information, content, product items, and materials in general provided through Amazon or one of the affiliate sites or programs. Amazon makes no assertion that any of their features, services or affiliate programs will be operable and/or accessible indefinitely. These terms and conditions stipulate that any guarantee of such services must be obtained in writing. This agreement therefore refers primarily to the user’s individual liability. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the user acknowledges this and cannot hold Amazon or any of their affiliates responsible for an interruption in or cessation of services.

Amazon makes no guarantee that the information, items, and services provided by Amazon or any other affiliate program or service are safe or free from issues, neither intrinsic nor extrinsic. Any problems that arise in the midst of using any of the Amazon-provided services, products, software, affiliate programs or other forms of service or communication are the sole responsibility of the user, and Amazon cannot be held legally at fault. This disclaimer includes an absolution of warranty claims if deemed necessary by Amazon. However, this and other aspects of the disavowal may be subject to cancellation depending on specific state laws that apply.


Any and all conflicts that arise between the buyer, the seller or any other entity, individual or collective, will be handled outside of court by an impartial consultant. Such mediation is legal and binding, but alleviates the need for a court system, judge, or panel. Mediations are handled through the Amazon Corporation Service Company. A request must be filed with this service company to launch any conflict resolution. Claim settlements can be handled directly or through a practicing attorney, and meetings may be held in person, via telephone, or through written communications and in the country or location of choice. In the event that a court settlement is deemed necessary, both parties herein forgo the right to a panel of peers. It is also agreed under the terms and conditions that such court meetings prohibit any use of misconduct rights. Judicial Writ Procedures It should be noted that judicial writ delivered either electronically or via fax will not be accepted, and it will not be valid. All judicial writs must be delivered to the Amazon Corporation Service Company in Washington. The user is urged to include all pertinent information regarding the claim to ensure the most expeditious processing of the request.

Legal Platform

The user of any Amazon service or affiliate program automatically agrees to abide and be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, as well as any other government-sanctioned jurisprudence that relates to the present circumstances. Amazon states herein that the right to alter, modify or cancel any policies found or implied within the Amazon services or affiliate programs is binding and unquestionable. Such changes may be made without prior consent from the user, as well as without previous communication or notification of such changes. Amazon will, however, make these alternations available to users for review.

Note: Amazon reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of their services. Changes may be frequent, and sellers are strongly advised to review these terms regularly to ensure that their accounts and practices comply with all regulations.

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