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A product image should accompany each product listing with an accurate, pictorial representation of the item being sold. Sellers who use product images optimize the buying experience for their buyers and are likely to increase the popularity of the products, as Amazon ranks listings with images before those without images.

The Value of a Product Image

Because online shopping inherently involves a measure of distance between buyer and seller, the more product information that sellers provide, the better the shopping experience is for buyers. All product details add to buyers’ knowledge and sense of the item, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, product images provide the single most influential element of any product listing. Sellers are advised to make sure that uploaded images are clear, accurate, and definitive.

How to Add a Product Image to Pre-Existing Listings

Adding a product image to a current listing is a simple process. Sellers should do the following:

  1. Visit the Details page of item listed.
  2. Select the Share Images link, found on the main view screen. (A window pops up, allowing the seller to choose an image from the available media.)
  3. Select the image, and hit Enter to upload the image. (The image automatically uploads to the previously designated product page and can be viewed by the public once changes are saved.)

How to Add a Product Image for an Unlisted Item

Sellers who wish to include images for products that have not yet been listed must first provide listings for those products. See instructions for providing listings on the Product Listing page. Once the products are in the system, regardless of whether they are visible to the public, sellers should use the above instructions to add product images to the new listings.

Industry or Professional Images

For licensed images, such as published book cover art, music labels, and the like, sellers should use Vendor Central to upload the licensed images. Authors may use Author Central to upload cover art for their own published works.

Customer Uploaded Product Images

Buyers may upload images of the products they have purchased, and these images offer other buyers a pictorial review of the items. Lest a buyer’s photograph deter future purchases, working against the seller, sellers are encouraged to offer only quality products and an optimal buying experience. More information on customer-generated images is found on the Customer Uploaded Product Images page.

Note: All images that are uploaded to Amazon are subject to Amazon terms, conditions and regulations. For a complete list of all Amazon-issued Terms and Conditions, see here. Any image that is violates these stipulations will be removed. Any seller who finds a problematic image should use the Report Abuse alert link. The link appears to the right side of every image, and clicking on it sends the complaint to Amazon. Amazon will then launch a thorough investigation.

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