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5 Reasons Amazon Sellers Should Love Valentine’s Day

As the biggest sales day since the winter holiday season, Valentine's Day gives online sellers an opportunity to capitalize on their product assortment. By IT February 13, 2018
5 Reasons Amazon Sellers Should Love Valentine’s Day
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1. It’s the biggest sales day since the holiday season.

If you’ve felt business slow down since December, Valentine’s Day offers you a unique opportunity to make up for any lost time and give your sales the lift they need.

However, it’s important for sellers to be prepared – many consumers will make their purchase a week prior to February 14th, so a strong inventory position is a necessity for sellers looking to take advantage of the holiday.

2. Consumers will spend more.

According to a 2018 survey by the National Retail Federation, nearly 49% of consumers would spend more if they encountered a “really good sale or promotion” and more than a third indicated that they would spend a little more if they found the perfect gift for someone.

With this valuable data, customers are laying the groundwork for exactly what sellers can do to rake in more Valentine’s Day business – tailor their promotions toward the holiday and let their product assortment do the work by cross-selling or up-selling.

Total spending is estimated at $19.6 billion for Valentine’s Day 2018. Online retailers have the opportunity to help reach that total by making smart, actionable decisions surrounding their approach to the holiday.

3. It’s a chance for you to capitalize on niche categories.

It’s important to know and be intimately familiar with your product sweet spot. Identify and highlight your most gift-worthy products, which for Valentine’s Day tend to fall in the below categories:

  • Candy
  • Jewelry
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fragrances
  • Men’s accessories
  • Women’s accessories
  • Gift cards
  • Home and garden

However, even if you don’t sell products in any of the categories above, not to worry. Valentine’s Day carries a different meaning for different people in various parts of the world, so there’s room to transform your product mix into a line of items that will sell that day – think about what gifts and product options will be the most meaningful to your customers and will inspire or convince them to make a conversion.

4. Mobile purchases help you win the Buy Box.

The role that the mobile Buy Box plays is absolutely massive. Across Amazon mobile and the Amazon app, the customer has to scroll down a vertical chain of information and the Buy Box appears directly beneath the product image and price. The “Add to Cart” button appears much more prominently on mobile than on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

With that being said, mobile shoppers are much more likely to buy from the Buy Box and with over half of V-Day celebrants planning to use their mobile devices to assist with their purchase decisions, the sellers have a prime opportunity to capitalize on.

5. It’s an opportunity to closely connect with your customers.

You can tailor Valentine’s Day promotions to your customers to draw them into your Amazon store and drive sales. We recommend spending time thinking about your goals, product mix, and customers when crafting your offer.

Make sure that you know what your audience is looking for and then make sure you have adequate inventory and merchandise accordingly (with strong content and product images on each of your listings). For sellers, you can learn about your audience by finding out what types of content are relevant and enjoyable to them and how they choose and compare products in your category.

Even if your products aren’t inherently romantic, try to find a way to put a Valentine’s Day twist on them. You can also create bundle packages according to Amazon’s bundle policy in order to complement the original item and provide an added level of convenience to your customer’s end-to-end buying process. Make sure you include these combo products in the list of items that you highlight and focus on leading up to February 14th. Lastly, you can thank your customers after they have provided feedback, expressing your gratitude for their purchase.  

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