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The Next Big Thing in Amazon Advertising: Interactive Audio Ads

Smart speakers are becoming more prevalent in everyday life. Find out how audio ads, the next big thing in Amazon advertising, can increase your profits on Amazon. By Rachel Van Clepper October 13, 2022
The Next Big Thing in Amazon Advertising Interactive Audio Ads 01
Streaming Audio has grown 64% since 2014, according to Edison Research

Most consumers engage with multiple devices throughout their day, including smartphones, computers, tablets, smart speakers, and more. As a greater variety of devices are being used inside and outside the home, brands have more opportunities to engage with or connect with their consumers throughout the shopping journey in different formats, places, and times.

For brands and sellers on Amazon, this is an exciting opportunity to look for unique ways to connect with consumers where they spend their time online. One way consumers are connecting online is with smart speakers.

There are now more than 90 million smart speaker owners, and over half of consumers engage with audio ads. Due to the growth of smart speakers and smart devices, audio ads are becoming an increasingly effective ad type for advertisers.

Continue reading to learn about a recent update to Amazon’s audio ads that make them more engaging through interactive elements.

What are Amazon Audio Ads?

On May 12, 2022, Amazon Ads’ launched their interactive audio ads to U.S. advertisers. This new feature allows consumers to engage more easily with audio ads by replying to different call-to-actions from an ad by voice. For example, if a consumer hears an audio ad while listening to Amazon Music, they can now reply to the ad with prompts such as “add an item to the cart,” “request more information,” or “set a reminder,” all while staying in their audio streaming platform.

This feature gives advertisers an even easier way to engage with consumers, removing the need for the consumer to remember the product’s name or service.

See an example of interactive audio ads in action on an Amazon smart speaker.

Who Can Use Audio Ads?

Whether or not you sell products on Amazon, you can buy audio ads through Amazon. You can expect a typical minimum budget of $25,000 U.S. dollars.

How to Use Amazon Interactive Audio Ads

This feature is supported on all Alexa-enabled devices and accessed through your Amazon DSP account.

Learn more about getting started with Amazon DSP.

Where are Audio Ads Played?

Audio ads play when a consumer is streaming content on Amazon Music’s ad-supported tier or Alexa-enabled devices.

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Interactive Audio Ads in 2022

1. Easily Measure and Track Audio Ad Results 

In typical audio advertising, it can be difficult to measure results. For non-interactive audio ads, reporting typically includes total impressions, average impression frequency, cumulative campaign reach, audio start, audio complete, and effective cost per audio complete (eCPAC).

How are non-interactive audio ads different from interactive audio ads? When you use interactive audio ads, you get even more metrics, including data on your provided CTAs, like adding an item to a cart or a wishlist based on their voice reply to your ad. 

This new frictionless engagement for consumers also helps advertisers as it provides an easy way to track and measure conversion based on the CTA and goals of your interactive audio ad. Giving you a better understanding of how impactful or engaging your audio ad was to your campaign or audience.

Over one-third—38%—of Amazon Connected Audio Customers reported they pay the most attention to advertising delivered on smart devices, significantly more than traditional TV (30%), out-of-home ads (17%), and in-store ads (14%) according to Amazon Ads.

2. Reach Audiences During Screen-Free Moments

Unlike competing for a crowded browser, using audio ads allows you to showcase your brand and ideal CTA to specific audiences with a 10-30 second audio ad that plays between content consumers are listening to.

Playing music on Alexa is one of the top customer interactions on Alexa, and 68% of the U.S. population does not pay for a streaming subscription, meaning they listen to ad-supported music.

A new study also found that streaming audio has the power to change moods, giving you not only a highly engaged audience but also a happy audience, as 51% of participants reported a shift in mood after their audio listening experience, and the most common emotion reported was ‘happy.

In that happy state of emotion, interactive audio ads give your brand the ability for consumers to engage by asking Alexa to “Remind Me,” “Send me more information,” or “Add to cart” without asking shoppers to remember or say the entire name of the advertising brand or product.

48% of shoppers have visited Amazon after listening to or watching an ad on a different platform

3. Drive Higher Engagement & Impressions

According to Feedvisor, almost half (48%) of shoppers have visited Amazon after listening to or watching an ad on a different platform. Amazon confirms this data and finds that streaming audio drives higher engagement than broadcast radio and linear TV. 

These points are especially true when looking at the new interactive audio ad feature. To better explain how you can drive higher engagement and impressions, let’s look at an example from Mastercard.

Mastercard recently used interactive audio ads with Amazon to drive a lift in awareness, brand perception, and intent to use a new feature. To do so, Mastercard ran an interactive audio ad with a brand CTA asking, “Alexa, ask Mastercard how I can touch lives?” to respond and learn more about the campaign and ways to participate. 

This interactive audio campaign had impressive results stating the ad drove:

  • +5.1% lift in aided awareness
  • +10.8% lift in intent to use contactless or touchless features
  • +8.1% lift in brand perception for Mastercard, as a brand that “cares about my safety”

Read the Full Amazon Case Study.

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Rachel Van Clepper is a content marketing writer for Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company’s content marketing initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was a senior content marketing writer for a nonprofit software company.

Final Thoughts

Feedvisor’s 2023 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report includes new data on how consumers are interacting with all Amazon advertising types, including audio ads.

Download the report to get this exclusive consumer behavior data.

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