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Amazon Sponsored Display Updates in 2022: What You Need to Know

Get Amazon’s new round-up of Sponsored Display updates in 2022. By Rachel Van Clepper August 30, 2022
Sponsored Display Updates on Amazon
Amazon advertisers who use Sponsored Display audiences on average see up to 82% of their sales driven by new-to-brand customers.

The advertising world is constantly adapting and changing. In fact, we did a Sponsored Display advertising round-up blog this year in March, and there are already enough updates to add to this blog. Click here to be taken to the updates that happened between January and March.

There have been major changes to Sponsored Display features offered by Amazon in the past few months. This blog round-up will give you everything you need to know about what has changed and what’s to come, just in time for Q4 strategy planning.

Keep reading for the latest updates and features for Sponsored Display on Amazon in 2022.

10 New Amazon Sponsored Display Updates

Amazon Sponsored Display started as a beta in September of 2019 and has expanded to a self-service advertising solution, helping to increase discoverability and customer reach on and off Amazon.

This has enabled brands and sellers to take control over their Amazon advertising in one place and enhance their retargeting and customer behavior strategy for their Amazon business. 

1. Introduction to Amazon Marketing Stream Beta

Feedvisor was an early partner in the Amazon Marketing Stream beta that launched in late June. Amazon Marketing Stream beta is a push-based messaging system that gives you near real-time access to in-depth ad reporting.

This new beta program can be used to increase or decrease advertising bids during hours with greater or lesser performance, allowing you to be much more adaptable in your advertising bids.

Learn more about the Amazon Marketing Stream beta.

2. Contextual Targeting for Sponsored Display Product Targeting

Starting on June 15th, Sponsored Display’s product targeting has changed to contextual targeting. This is a major change! Your ads now have the ability to show up both on and off the Amazon platform to shoppers. 

Contextual targeting will allow vendors and sellers to reach their audiences more times during shopping and entertainment journeys both in the Amazon store and outside of the Amazon store.

In the past, contextual targeting could only be used in the Amazon store, but with this update, you can reach consumers in other spots such as other web pages or apps. Amazon will automatically find opportunities to advertise outside the Amazon store while following bidding strategies and objectives. 

You can learn more in your Amazon advertising console.

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Fire TV Sponsored Tiles

3. Sponsored Display Signals Now in AMC

As of June 23, you now have access to Sponsored Display ads engagement and conversion signals in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) if you are a registered Amazon Marketing Cloud advertiser. This update also came with companion instructional queries (IQs) that can be used with AMC signals to better understand Sponsored Display analytic topics.

This new update will allow advertisers to use AMC to uncover a wide range of insights about each of their Sponsored Display campaigns to support a more comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. This will allow for more granular changes to campaigns that, if done right, can make a major impact.

4. Ready to Use Customize Creatives for Fire TV Sponsored Tiles 

Fire TV self-service advertisers can now increase ad performance by utilizing customer images to create Sponsored Tiles ad format campaigns in the advertising console. 

In the campaign builder, you can customize both the title and the background images or continue to use the ASIN images from your catalog. Custom creatives can be used to better tailor to shopping interests or preferences, minimize creative fatigue, and celebrate holidays.

5. New Default Language Translations

Vendors and sellers now have a translation feature available for Sponsored Display ads, making it easy to create and manage many different languages for their Amazon content. 

Making those changes will allow shoppers to select their default language during shopping and browsing, as shown in Sponsored Display ads.

Beware that Sponsored display ads without your customization are automatically translated. If you would like more control over those changes, be sure to make your own creative customization updates.

6. Deny Lists Now Available for Sponsored Display

As of June 14, Sponsored Display deny lists are now available for vendors and sellers registered within the Amazon Brand Registry. This new feature will help brands control ads on and off Amazon on third-party properties.

Creating a deny list is easy. All you need to do is upload a list of web domains and mobile app IDs you want to exclude from your Sponsored Display campaigns which will help you better control the consumer’s shopping journey and align your advertising to your brand. 

For example, if your brand sells chicken liver dog treats, you might choose not to advertise on a website about veganism.

7. Matched Target Reports Ready for Use in the Amazon Ads Console

Matched target reporting launched in June for vendors and registered sellers. The report shows which product detail pages your ads are displayed on. This gives you data to understand the performance of specific categories and dynamic segments that work best for different campaigns. 

This downloadable report can be found in the Amazon ads console and the Amazon Ads API. 

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8. More Metric Options Accessible on Sponsored Display for Reach Campaigns

Sponsored Display’s reach campaigns now include both click (CPC) and view (vCPM) based sales metrics in the Amazon Ads console or the Amazon Ads API. 

This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the full impact of Sponsored Display campaigns enabling you to create better strategies for bidding and attribution.

How to Drive Brand Affinity Using Amazon Creative

 9. Expanded Creative Assets for Sponsored Display

Vendors and sellers can now search for and reuse existing creative assets when building their Sponsored Display campaigns in their Amazon Ads console. 

For example, a seller can reuse the same creative asset like a logo or a custom image from many of their Sponsored Brands, Stores, or Amazon Posts in a new Sponsored Display campaign, helping to build a campaign much more quickly.

This means you can search and browse existing creative assets rather than select “Upload image” when creating a campaign. 

You can sort and filter by tags, names, and attributes when searching.

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 10. Use of lifestyle image, headline, and logo for creatives

As of July 8, vendors and registered sellers can now choose or add any combination of assets such as a lifestyle image, headline, and logo when customizing their Sponsored Display creatives. 

This new update allows sponsored display ads more customizability, flexibility, and control over their creatives to help shoppers more easily discover brands and products through consistent creative styles and branding.

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2022 Sponsored Display & Amazon Advertising Updates from January-March

1. Amazon Sponsored Display Expands Bid Recommendations

When: February 23, 2022

What: Sponsored Display vCPM-based campaigns can now use suggested bids in the Amazon Advertising console

How Does it Help?

Bid recommendations are helpful for new CPC-based or vCPM-based Sponsored Display product targeting or views-based remarketing campaigns. The machine learning bid recommendation gives you a suggested bid and bid range that is updated daily. This is a great way to get a campaign bid and range for new categories or products without having to do your own bid or competitive research. 

Learn more

2. Ad Groups Available for Vendors in Amazon Sponsored Display

When: February 21, 2022

What: Sponsored Display launched new ad groups for Amazon vendors and sellers in the advertising console, giving them the ability to better organize and manage campaigns.

How Does it Help?

Ad groups are used to organize ads based on brand, product, category, price range, theme, or targeting strategy. This will give you a clear vision of which Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns are working based on these ad groups to optimize future campaigns further.

Learn more

3. Globally Available Amazon Sponsored Display Budget Rules

When: February 7, 2022

What: Amazon Advertisers, including both Vendors and Sellers, are now able to set campaign budget rules for Sponsored Display. The budgets can be placed in advance using two types of rules, similar to those available for Sponsored Products.

The two new types of budget rules include:

  • Schedule-based rules
  • Performance-based rules

How Does it Help?

Budget rules reduce the time it takes to adjust budgets and allow for rules to be set for specific dates or events, which helps prevent campaigns from going over budget or missing opportunities due to a lack of funding on important sales events.

Learn more

 4. Amazon Display and Video Line Item Types Available

When: February 2, 2022

What: Advertisers can now create new and edit existing line items in the updated line item settings page for both display and video. 

In the new interface, you get:

  • Quick summary of applied settings
  • Simplified edit workflow
  • Streamlined view for advertisers
  • New grouping and ordering for easier troubleshooting
  • Panel-based experience for features

How Does it Help?

The new line item detail page, a self-service feature, can be accessed in the Amazon DSP. It can be used to improve campaign manager efficiency by easily applying, updating, and reviewing settings in the line item detail page.

Learn more

5. Bulksheets Available For Amazon Campaigns in the Ad Console

When: January 31, 2022

What: The new bulksheets support Amazon Sponsored Display, giving vendors and sellers the ability to create and optimize sponsored ad campaigns at scale and update campaign names in bulk, along with a new spreadsheet template for improving data formatting and faster uploading time.

You can also use the following performance metrics down to the keyword level:

How Does it Help?

The new bulksheets help you manage thousands of keywords simultaneously and can be used for campaign optimization, creation, and reporting each part of the campaign journey. This update saves time and minimizes the effort needed to manage Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns.

Learn more

Even More Amazon Updates to Sponsored Display in 2022

Yes, you read that right. There are even more new product updates and features for Sponsored Display. Here are a few more updates that became available in 2022:

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Final Thoughts

Sponsored Display is just one of the many Amazon ad types. Now that you’ve reviewed Sponsored Display, it’s time to explore all successful Amazon advertising types in our new Comprehensive Guide to Amazon Ads: 2022 Edition.

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