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Feedvisor is Excited to Announce Participation in Amazon Marketing Stream Beta

Feedvisor is an early partner in the Amazon Marketing Stream beta program. Amazon Marketing Stream delivers hourly performance metrics. Learn more here! By Marissa Incitti July 12, 2022
Amazon Marketing Stream Beta
Amazon Marketing Stream (beta) is a push-based messaging system that gives you near real-time access to in-depth ad reporting.

We are excited to announce that Feedvisor is part of the Amazon Marketing Stream beta program. As part of this beta, Feedvisor has greater visibility and enriched data to provide superior optimizations and insights for our customers.  

What is the Amazon Marketing Stream (beta)?

Amazon Marketing Stream (beta) provides added visibility into time of day performance through push-based messaging. Used alongside Amazon Ads, this beta enhances Feedvisor’s proprietary data and ad reporting allowing access to even greater detailed metrics for richer advertising campaign optimizations.

“This new beta enhances Feedvisor’s data and incorporates near real-time data points into our AI to improve precision and the timeliness of responses to market changes. Advertisers will be able to dig deeper into campaign insights for increased operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge in this now hyper-competitive world.” – Victor Rosenman, CEO 

3 Benefits of Amazon Marketing Stream (beta)

There are several benefits of using Amazon Marketing Stream to improve Amazon advertising strategies, including; 

1. Detailed Insights and Hourly Reporting for Greater Campaign Optimization

With Amazon Marketing Stream, Feedvisor can optimize Amazon advertising metrics even faster with Amazon’s “Intra-Day” Optimizations and Hourly Metric feed. 

2. Trigger-Based Alerts And Necessary Campaign Management Actions

Using trigger-based alerts like budget flags, Feedvisor’s AI-driven optimizations continue to control ad spend effectively. 

3. No Longer Rely On API Calls With Their Push-Based Messaging System

API throttling is eliminated, meaning the data integration with Amazon performance metrics and campaign information with Feedvisor’s proprietary tech allows for faster and more streamlined optimizations. 


What Metrics Do You Get with Amazon Marketing Stream (beta)?

Amazon Marketing Stream (beta) allows Feedvisor to give enhanced data for the following metrics:

  • Shows traffic and conversion events when they occur
  • Provides notifications on campaign and campaign-related changes in near real-time (think bid optimization recommendations and out-of-budget notifications)
  • Displays all advertising metrics with synced advertising campaign reporting from both Amazon and Feedvisor data
Utilizing Amazon Marketing Stream, advertisers can increase bids throughout the day, rather than waiting until the next day. 

What are the Real-Life Use Cases for Amazon Marketing Stream?

While we are still learning about the many use cases of Amazon Marketing Stream, some that are obvious right now are increasing or decreasing advertising bids during hours with greater performance, modifying campaign budgets, and targeting ASINs throughout the day, rather than waiting until the next day. 

Another case is with the more reactive responsive applications allowing better management of budgets and/or alerting when ASINs become ineligible for advertising. Additionally, push notifications can help with timely communication and action for bid recommendation approvals and budget alerts.


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About the Author

Marissa Incitti is the Associate Director of Content for Feedvisor, where she oversees and executes the company's content marketing strategy and initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was the content marketing manager for a Fortune Global 500 omnichannel commerce technologies and operations company.

Final Thoughts

In addition to being one of the first advertising and repricing technology providers eligible for the beta program, Feedvisor is proud to be a trusted Amazon partner and continue our ongoing collaboration to bring our clients the best data and service.  

Combined with Feedvisor’s cutting-edge AI, Amazon Marketing Stream is another great feature we are using to improve, optimize, and provide further insights for our clients advertising strategies. 

Interested in leveraging AI technology and data? Feedvisor’s advertising optimization platform maximizes campaign performance across Amazon Advertising. Sign up for a free trial today.

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