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Introducing the Next-Generation, AI-Powered Platform for Amazon Advertising

Learn the new features and benefits of Feedvisor’s AI-driven platform for brands and retailers to drive discoverability, conversions, and increased market share on Amazon. By Natalie Taylor August 3, 2020
Introducing Feedvisor’s Next-Generation, “AI-First” Solution for Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s role in consumers’ lives — as well as in brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce strategies — has never been more critical. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has solidified Amazon’s position at the forefront of e-commerce, as more consumers rely on the platform for fast delivery on essential items, and more brands integrate Amazon into their online strategies to maintain sales and reach consumers where they are.

As a growing number of brands and retailers realize the imperative of an Amazon strategy in today’s digitally driven climate, competition on the marketplace is progressively intensifying. Advertising has become a crucial component to a successful Amazon strategy in order to drive discoverability, conversions, and ROI.

With its market share of U.S. e-commerce expected to surpass 38% in 2020, Amazon is the undisputed leader of online shopping. Over the last few years, the company has been shifting its focus to beef up its advertising arm, challenging the likes of advertising incumbents Google and Facebook. Enhanced Amazon Advertising features, from New-to-Brand metrics to Sponsored Brand improvements, are encouraging brands increased investment and adoption of the platform.

Brands’ ad dollars are shifting to Amazon from Google and Facebook, with 56% of brands allocating one- to three-quarters of their overall media spend to the platform, while 51% allocate a quarter or less of their spend to social channels like Facebook, according to Feedvisor data.

Just as Amazon is dedicated to expanding and evolving to meet its merchant partners’ needs, Feedvisor too is committed to growing and adapting to the needs of our customers. In January 2019, we announced the expansion of Feedvisor’s platform, including advertising and brand optimization capabilities.

We are thrilled to introduce the next-generation, AI-driven platform for Amazon Advertising, with new and enhanced features to best suit the needs of our customers and help them drive rankings and conversions, own their marketplace presence, and increase their share of voice to drive ROI and outpace the competition.

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Key Features and Benefits of Feedvisor’s “AI-First” Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Solution

A comprehensive advertising strategy typically requires a combination of multiple ad types, capturing consumers at various points of their shopping journey to discover and purchase products on Amazon. Leveraging proprietary data and AI-based technology, coupled with deep Amazon expertise, Feedvisor’s solution enables brands and retailers to optimize the fundamental components of Amazon Advertising through the following features.

1. SearchGraph and ProductSphere Technologies: Feedvisor leverages proprietary AI to understand and grow share of voice and automate all aspects of keyword harvesting and forecasting. ProductSphere technology pinpoints direct and indirect competition on the product  and search term levels, and SearchGraph identifies the most relevant and impactful search terms for each unique ASIN in your catalog. Together, they enable Feedvisor’s platform to allocate resources toward the keywords that will have the greatest impact over time.

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Harvesting and Deep-Learning Bid Predictor: Feedvisor continuously evaluates and then generates precise bids based on the actual semantic relevance of keywords to the product being advertised, attributes of the product, and the performance of the campaign. Then its engine effectively allocates budget across keywords to achieve optimal performance and avoid wasted ad spend on low-performing keywords, even in cases where the historical data is insufficient, such as for long-tail keywords.

3. Algorithmic AutoStructure: Feedvisor’s platform seamlessly connects organic and paid traffic metrics by establishing the relation between products and advertising campaigns through automatic campaign structuring. This allows the platform to track advertising metrics on the product level and create linkages between advertising metrics, operational metrics, and organic sales, and then automatically generate SEO recommendations based on the data generated through each individual advertising campaign.

4. Automated Campaign Management: Feedvisor’s AI monitors and automatically optimizes advertising campaign structure when changes are made to the catalog, advertised products, or campaign objectives. The technology autonomously creates one ad group with manual and automatic campaigns for every product on Amazon and automatically mirrors structural changes across campaigns to optimize and eliminate the risk of human error, while saving the advertiser time and yielding stronger campaign performance.

5. Advanced User Interface and In-Depth Analytics: Featuring integrated paid and organic dashboards, Feedvisor’s intuitive user interface learns and adapts to user behavior and automatically alerts customers with the most valuable updates and optimization actions. Customers have access to in-depth, real-time performance analytics across advertising campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and products.

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About the Author

Natalie Taylor is the content manager at Feedvisor, where she oversees and executes on the company's content marketing strategy. Prior to her work at Feedvisor, she wrote for a B2B supermarket magazine, focusing on merchandising and marketing trends in the grocery industry.

Final Thoughts

An effective advertising strategy is fundamental to overall success on Amazon. To achieve this manually is not only time-consuming, especially for businesses with large and growing catalogs, but it also requires access to troves of data that can be difficult to derive and interpret. 

With AI-driven technology and over 11 terabytes of proprietary data, Feedvisor’s cutting-edge solution for Amazon Advertising automates these processes and makes intelligent, data-backed decisions to optimize and manage your campaigns and deliver optimal performance. By aligning your strategy with a team of Amazon experts and leading technology, you will be equipped with the experience, resources, and scalability to compete effectively on Amazon’s marketplace.

To learn more about Feedvisor’s next-generation, AI-driven platform for Amazon Advertising, get in touch with us here.

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