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Amazon Sponsored Display Ad Updates

Learn the new updates from Amazon and get more out of your sponsored display ads in 2023. By Marissa Incitti January 25, 2023

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Amazon has recently announced several updates to its advertising platform that will likely have a significant impact on sellers and brands using the platform in the coming year.

These updates include new features for Sponsored Display, which is a self-service advertising program that allows sellers and brands to promote their products across the Amazon ecosystem.

Discover the Sponsored Display updates that will have the greatest impact on advertising efforts this year:


Sponsored Display Video Creative Now Has Contextual Targeting

One of the most notable updates is the addition of contextual targeting to Sponsored Display video creative. This feature allows sellers and brands to better showcase their products and brands by targeting a specific product or brand-related keywords.

Contextual Targeting in Video Creative

This will enable sellers and brands to reach a more relevant audience and increase the likelihood that their products will be seen by consumers actively searching for them. 

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Advertisers can now optimize for video viewing to help increase customer engagement and improve the outcome of Sponsored Display video creative ad groups.

Video Just Got Easier to Measure With View Metrics

Another important update is the launch of view metrics for video creative on Sponsored Display.

New key metrics have been introduced that advertisers can use to measure and optimize video campaign performance, a must as we enter one of the most competitive advertising years yet.

The new metrics are: video first quartile, video midpoint, video third quartile, video complete, and video unmute. 

This will give sellers and brands more insight into how their video ads are performing, including how many views they are getting, how long viewers are watching the ads, at which point they stop watching the ads, and how many clicks the ads are generating.

As a result, sellers and brands can optimize their Amazon video ads and improve their overall performance on the platform.

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Mobile Carousel Ads Are Now Available

In addition, Sponsored Display has introduced mobile carousel ads.

This format allows sellers and brands to show multiple products in a single ad, which can be especially effective in reaching mobile shoppers.

This feature also allows sellers and brands to showcase a variety of products in a single ad, which can increase the chances of a consumer clicking through to purchase.

Mobile Carousel Ad


Amazon Marketing Stream Adds Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display is now also available in Amazon Marketing Stream in North America.

This feature allows sellers and brands to view and analyze their Sponsored Display campaigns in a single stream, making it easier to track performance and adjust as needed.

Amazon Marketing Stream is one of the underutilized tools of Amazon, allowing advertisers to see conversion rates for specific products and subcategories as they fluctuate by time of day.

In turn, this allows for greater optimization of spend to match trends and eliminate wasted ad spend. In an environment where CPCs are rising, and margins are under pressure, advertisers can develop more effective strategies.

Sponsored Display Expands Functionality

Sponsored Display has also expanded its portfolio functionality, adding vCPM-based campaigns optimized for reach.

This will allow sellers and brands to reach more customers by targeting a larger audience, which can help increase sales and revenue.

Amazon Sponsored Display Impression Forecasting is Available

Finally, Sponsored Display forecasting for impressions is now available.

This feature will allow sellers and brands to predict how many impressions their ads will likely generate, which can help them plan and budget their campaigns more effectively.


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Final Thoughts

These updates to Amazon’s advertising platform will provide sellers and brands with new tools and capabilities to help them reach their target audience and grow their businesses on the platform.

With the ability to better target their ads, optimize their campaigns, and track performance more effectively, sellers and brands will be well-positioned to succeed on Amazon in the coming year. 

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