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Leveraging Amazon Interactive Video Ads for Greater Reach and Conversion

Avoid “banner-blindness” with the new Amazon video ads feature, Interactive Video Ads, and learn strategies you can use to drive more conversions on Amazon. By Rachel Van Clepper October 25, 2022
Leveraging Amazon Interactive Video Ads for Greater Reach and Conversion
43% of advertisers plan to use interactive video advertising this year, according to Wyzowl.

Video ads are now the most engaging ad type on Amazon, according to new Feedvisor data. But are you really surprised? Over the past few years, more and more advertisers have begun to talk about “ad fatigue” with consumers. To avoid new problems like “banner blindness,” advertisers have been finding new ways to foster new interactions with consumers; one of those ways is through video and interactive ads. 

Interactive ads have started to pick up steam, and new reports show that consumers favor interactive ads, passing up “passive” ads, as they are more interested in active participation, such as swiping through a carousel or watching a video. These ad types also hold consumers’ attention and interest, getting 47% more viewing time than static ads.

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Keep on reading to learn more about interactive ads and how you can begin to leverage interactive video ads.


Interactive ads allow consumers to engage with ads more immersively, which promotes greater engagement

What are Interactive Ads?

In short, interactive ads allow consumers to engage with ads more immersively, which promotes greater engagement, making them harder to ignore. For example, ads that would enable you to take a quiz, play a game, or swipe through carousel photos.

Duri Cosmetics Interactive Banner Ad: Carousel Photos


Amazon has two types of interactive ads: interactive video and audio ads.

What is the Amazon Interactive Video Ads Beta?

Amazon does not have the same definition for interactive advertising. While most consider video ads to fit into the interactive example, Amazon defines interactive by whether or not there is an interactive CTA at the end of an advertisement. In this beta, consumers can use a TV remote or voice to engage with an ad with their Alexa or Smart TV. Instead of just watching a video, consumers have the ability to interact with the ad in a new way without disrupting their experience.

Amazon has two types of interactive ads: interactive video and audio ads. Interactive video ads include CTA prompts such as “Add to Cart,” “Add to List,” or “Buy Now” —directly within Streaming TV ads in the IMDb TV app on Fire TV. Consumers can also ask to “Send Me More Info” from the interactive video ad experience, giving more product details via email or by scanning a QR code on the screen to visit a brand’s landing page.

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s Interactive Video Ads and how you can begin using them as part of your interactive advertising strategy.

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Amazon’s interactive video ads also have 18% higher engagement and click-through rates than dynamic video and standard pre-roll.

Why Should You Be Using Interactive Video Advertising?

1. Brand Awareness

Interactive Video Ads are managed through the DSP. The DSP is widely known as one of the best upper funnel entry points. This is especially true for Amazon’s Interactive video ads, as they are 32% more memorable than standard ads, making them an excellent fit for an upper funnel tactic.

Interactive video ads are also a great way to tell your brand story; 88% of marketers find interactive advertising great for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors.

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2. Improved Performance Rates

On top of the ability to create more memorable ads, Amazon’s interactive video ads also have 18% higher engagement and click-through rates than dynamic video and standard pre-roll. This allows for lower-funnel advertising tactics like remarketing to drive conversions or other goals your business may have when advertising on Amazon.

3. More Data, Including Audience Data

As stated in the first reason, Interactive Video Ads on Amazon are run through the DSP. When you use the DSP for advertising, you can access complimentary third-party audiences, giving you large targetable audiences at competitive CPMs. This helps increase options and opportunities beyond Amazon’s audience data to create more effective promotions.

Interactive Video Ads are also much easier to measure as interactable CTAs give you a chance to develop performance-oriented campaigns and KPIs to better track the success of the campaign depending on your goals.


How to Leverage Amazon Interactive Video Ads

Today’s purchase journey starts with awareness, both on and off Amazon, with OTT, audio ads, and DSP custom ads that help you expand your reach, introduce your product or solution and raise awareness of the consumer’s need. But by utilizing Amazon’s Interactive Video Ads, you are not limited to solely awareness-based goals. Interactive Video Ads can be used for lower-funnel strategies, pushing users to gain awareness and interact with your brand or products.

Videos created with Interactive Video Ads in mind can also be used on your product detail pages, Brand Store, or as Sponsored Brand Video ads. For example, check out this example from Bombay Shaving Company used in various ways across their organic and paid campaigns and strategies.

Amazon Ad Case Study: Bombay Shaving Company

How to Create Video Ads on Amazon

Amazon offers a Video Creative Builder, making it easier than ever to create video ad creatives for an Interactive Video Ad.

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How to Use Interactive Ads on Twitch

Amazon’s new interactive feature has also recently expanded to Twitch as a new ad program, Interactive Incentives. Amazon Moments powers these integrations offering perks and discounts to streams that interact with the branded extension CTAs, including “Request product details by email,” “Buy now,” and “Add the featured item to their cart.” 

Utilizing the same features in Amazon’s Interactive Video Advertising, if a consumer sees an ad before, during, or after a Twitch stream, they can engage with the ad with the pre-selected CTAs.


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Rachel Van Clepper is a content marketing writer for Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company’s content marketing initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was a senior content marketing writer for a nonprofit software company.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a DSP expert or just getting started, Amazon’s new interactive ads are a great way to get your foot in the door with a broader audience in a new and creative way that draws consumers’ attention to your well-thought-out ads.

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