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3 Reasons to Try Amazon Live in 2022

Is Amazon Live worth it for your brand? Find out what Amazon Livestream is and why you should use it to grow brand awareness and sales on Amazon. By Rachel Van Clepper March 9, 2022
3 Reasons You Should Try Amazon Live

Amazon Live promises to bring your products to life, fusing online shopping with brand and customer interaction in real-time. Does it live up to the promises?

Amazon Live is a perfect fit for brands that have experience using livestreaming for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok. It is a great additional feature to bring more eyes to your brand and products on Amazon. However, the feature can take some getting used to and should be tested and experimented with to find the right livestreaming content that fits your Amazon audience. 

Live streaming, like many social media strategies, has often been overlooked over the years, but when done right, can have a huge payoff. Keep on reading to learn the Amazon Live basics, three reasons you should try Amazon Live, and the ways it can benefit your business.

The Amazon Live Basics

Amazon Live is an interactive streaming feed that brands can use to share pre-recorded or live video content of popular products or brand education. Customers can interact with a brand’s video by leaving comments or interacting with the “star reaction button” or shares. It is one way that brands can talk to customers in real-time by replying to comments and making connections. 

Amazon Live is designed to inspire, educate, and entertain customers. Creating live video content is an easy way for consumers to have real-time brand interaction. With Amazon Live, customers have the confidence to discover, learn about, consider, and make purchase decisions in an interactive video format. This is another format that can be used in the consideration phase in the buyer journey, empowering consumers to research and educate themselves on brands and their products for confident purchasing decisions. 

The Timeline of Amazon Live

Amazon Live launched in 2016. In 2019, Amazon made an even greater investment into the channel by creating the Live Creator app, which allows you to view live video content from a phone. In 2020, the platform expanded to include influencers that are a part of Amazon’s Influencer Program.

Who is Amazon Live available to?

Amazon Live is open to U.S. Professional Sellers or U.S. Vendors registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. To start a live stream, you use the Amazon Live Creator’s mobile app.

Contrary to the name, aside from being recorded in real time, livestreams can also be recorded in advance and scheduled to go live at a later date or time.

Where can you find Amazon Livestreams?

You can find Amazon Live events by going to to discover currently streaming content, or you can go to specific product detail pages or Amazon Stores to find Amazon Live content for particular products or brands.

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Stevenné’s tip for Amazon Live is to stay consistent, “I've built my business and brand on Amazon Live through consistency and really connecting with the people who are watching.”

 3 Reasons to Try Amazon Live in 2022

Some brands aren’t quite sure if they want to dive headfirst into Amazon Live and would instead use a static photo or traditional ad placement. If you have the technology or a willing host, Amazon Live is a great way to stand out from other brands on Amazon and build a wider audience following. Amazon Live can also be a great step into beginning to include videos as part of your marketing and advertising strategy.

Here are three reasons why we think you should try Amazon Live out.

1. Increase Overall Amazon Brand & Product Awareness 

If you can get a preferred time slot in the Amazon Live lineup or top influencer talent, there is a likely chance you will climb up the Amazon rankings. If your goal is to increase page views, sessions, and overall brand awareness, trying out Amazon Live can be one way to reach a new audience creatively.  

For example, Stevenné is an Amazon Live influencer for “BEAUTYBYCARLA” and uses Amazon Live every day to share makeup tutorials, home trends, and fashion finds. Partnering with influencers or fostering your own brand rep is a great way to use Amazon Live to connect with your community with a face they already trust.

Livestreaming allows your brand to introduce shoppers to your products and give them the information they need to make confident purchase decisions. You can also use the time to host a live product demonstration to educate your audience on new product features, benefits, and special offers in an interactive way. To drive connection further, utilize the Amazon Live chat feature and answer questions in real-time.

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2. Stand Out on Major Sale Days

Many customers use Amazon Live to discover new products and brands. Especially around major events like Black Friday, Back to School, or Prime Day, Amazon Live can be a great way to reach a new untapped audience. But you shouldn’t be experimenting with Amazon Live for the first time on Prime Day. Try out the platform for a couple of months to better understand what type of videos and products perform well first. 

If you can nail your core audience and products and find out the best way to demonstrate product features and in-stream promotions, there is a much better chance that you can use Amazon Live as a successful strategy for big seller days. 

Combine a livestreaming event with a sale or discount to increase sales and traffic.

3. It’s Free!

Excluding Amazon-produced live streams, Amazon Live is completely free to use. If you can be successful on Amazon Live, it is a significant return on investment.  If you don’t have the resources to create a high-quality video or a face to host, this may not be the right fit for your strategy. 

Many brands have found success on the feature, and it is now part of their Amazon advertising strategy. For example, Honest Company used Amazon Live to host a live stream with founder Jessica Alba, giving her the opportunity to talk with customers directly, share brand stories, and entertainingly infuse product information. 

During any live streams, you can feature products in a shoppable carousel alongside the stream, helping to improve rankings for individual products or bundled products 

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Rachel Van Clepper is a content marketing writer for Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company’s content marketing initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was a senior content marketing writer for a nonprofit software company.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering using Amazon Live as part of your Amazon advertising strategy, remember that this is a long-term investment, not in money, but in time and resources. And remember, if you do try it out, do not base your decision to continue to use Amazon Live dependent on the first live stream, especially if you and your team are not used to creating live stream content. 

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