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Product Detail Pages

Product Detail Pages are the pages that buyers see when they search for items on Amazon. Each product has its own page with detailed product information (exact product name, model number, offer price, product photograph, ASIN, product details, and more) and customer reviews. Barcode information is not included on this page.

To create a new Product Detail page, the seller must be registered with a Professional Seller account. Detail pages become a permanent part of the Amazon catalog, and sellers can create listings for these products on Amazon.

Buyers depend on sellers to help them make their buying decisions. The information on a Product Detail page comes from both Amazon and sellers. The information changes constantly since there is normally more than one contributor to the page.

To create a Product Detail Page, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Seller Central sign-in page on Amazon, and sign in with your Seller Account username and password. Note: If you are not already a Professional Seller, click the “Seller Account Information” under Settings on the page that appears, and click “Upgrade” to upgrade to a Professional Seller account.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Your Inventory page in your Seller Account, and click the “Create a Product Detail Page” link (this link only appears if you have a Professional Seller account).
  3. Categorize your product. You can search for a category by typing search terms into the search box and clicking “Find Category” or browse for a category on the page. Click the appropriate subcategory to select it.
  4. Identify your product by entering its name and other required information, such as the UPC, EAN or ISBN code, if available. Amazon may require different information for different categories; an asterisk appears next to each required field.
  5. Provide a product description and upload images of the product on the following pages.
  6. Provide the product’s condition and shipping details and set a price for the product. This information will appear when you list your own product on an existing product page.

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