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Product information is used to classify, categorize, and locate specific items within a seller’s inventory. Sellers are encouraged to be as clear and precise as possible when entering this data. The more information given, the better a buyer will be able to visualize and understand the item being sold.

Note that the information that a seller gives about a product is the only way for a buyer to know about this item. False information or missing information can result in the loss of a purchase or more seriously, the loss of selling privileges altogether from Amazon.

Entering Product Information

If this is a new product, you will have to create a listing. Once you have done that, you can add the product information into the Product Details Page. If this is a new category or product that has never been sold on Amazon before, you will have to create a new product detail page. To adjust the product information or add more information to a pre-existing item, visit the Inventory tab within the Navigations Tabs on the Seller Central page, and insert the necessary data there.

Rules and Regulations Concerning Product Information

For following list of rules and regulations that apply to creating your own Product Detail Page can be applied to new and old listings. In general, though, product information can include, but is not limited to:

  • Any title or name that would allow the buyer to understand more fully what the product is or is used for.
  • A description of the product including style and material.
  • An image of the product.
  • The price of the product.
  • Customer reviews about their experiences with this item.
  • Measurements, weight, and dimensions of the product.
  • The current condition of the product.
  • Shipping or ordering details or options.
  • Any other details that buyers would find useful when attempting to envision this product on their own.

Using Product Information for Tracking a Product

A seller can use the recorded product information to find items that may be lost in the larger marketplace or on the account somewhere. Through the use of keywords and phrases, a seller can search for that product, and, if the information has been entered properly, it will most likely be found quickly.

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