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What Should You Do Once Prime Day Is Over?

Just because Amazon Prime Day is over does not mean your sales momentum should be. Here are several strategies to continue driving conversion post-event. By Matt Juul June 29, 2021
Amazon Prime Day Series: What Should You Do Once Prime Day Is Over?

The physical two days of Prime Day 2021 may be over, but your Prime Day momentum should not be. 

Do not think about Prime Day as just a two-day period but rather as an entire month. The two to three weeks following the global shopping holiday, known as the lead-out, is just as important as the actual two days of the event itself. 

With Prime Day 2021 in the rearview, now is the time to re-engage your target audiences at scale with resells, upsells, and cross-sells. By promoting the value of your deals and brands across your advertising mix, you can focus on optimizing impressions, clicks, and sales with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon Stores.

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Prime Day 2021 Lead-Out Strategies

Prime Day 2021 kicked off the back-to-school (BTS) season earlier than ever, with parents and students flocking to the event in order to prepare for the expected return of in-person learning in the fall. According to Amazon, Prime members around the world purchased more than 1 million laptops, 600,000 backpacks, 240,000 notebooks, and 220,000 Crayola products during this year’s two-day event.

Businesses that sell school-related items can leverage the Prime Day momentum by maximizing their BTS strategies to drive sales throughout the summer. Make sure your getting the most out of your BTS plans by:

  • Optimizing keywords and product listings for your top-selling ASINs in school-related categories
  • Creating BTS landing pages and PPC ad campaigns that speak to the evolving needs of today’s students and parents
  • Working with an AI-driven technology partner to monitor inventory in real time, as well as optimize pricing and advertising strategies to align with your BTS goals, such as revenue, profits, or liquidation

In addition to accounting for BTS season trends, you should also make sure that your Prime Day 2021 lead-out strategies  are driving Q4 momentum and putting your business in the best position to capture and convert holiday shopping demand. 

Our post-Prime Day 2021 analysis shows that leading brands and retailers on Amazon plan to increase their focus, inventory, promotions, and budgets on maximizing results during the critical holiday shopping season.

As you analyze your Prime Day results and adjust your strategy for the event lead-out, Amazon recommends implementing the following targeting strategies for your Sponsored ads campaigns:

Advertisers who have utilized this methodology have been able to effectively keep customers engaged and ready to shop even after Prime Day has ended. In fact, Prime Day traditionally leads to higher sales for businesses in the approximately 14-day period that follows the event’s conclusion.

If you run display ads on and off Amazon, you can use the lead-out period to re-engage your brand’s existing audience to drive loyalty and in-market audiences who may not have purchased your products. Here, you can leverage the Amazon DSP and remarketing audiences to optimize your new-to-brand metrics, sales, and detail page view rate. New-to-brand metrics will be especially impactful when analyzing which Prime Day campaigns drove the highest percentage of new customers.

Lastly, with video ads, you can reach new device owners to once again re-engage both your existing audience and audiences that did not purchase your products. With both in-stream and out-stream video, you can capitalize on relevant branded searches and carry them through to conversion. Branded search metrics will give you insights into how your Prime Day campaigns impacted searches for your brand. 

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Final Thoughts

Taking the time to establish a plan for after Prime Day carries just as much weight as preparing for the event itself. By continuing to run advertising campaigns in the weeks immediately following Prime Day, you will be able to generate incremental sales and capitalize on the brand exposure you received during the high-traffic event.

By having a comprehensive Amazon Advertising strategy in place and leveraging best-in-class optimization platforms like Feedvisor, you are effectively setting yourself up for success during the next significant moment in time on Amazon — the Q4 holiday season. 

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