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Marketplaces Demand a New Breed of Agencies

Is the agency model dead? In this post, find out why the classic agency model does not work for businesses operating on online marketplaces like Amazon. By IT June 13, 2019
Marketplaces Demand a New Breed of Agencies

The traditional agency model may not be wholly dead, but it has in fact drastically evolved from its once widely accepted values and methodologies. In this post, we will explain what is fueling the transformation of the agency model as a whole, and then discuss why the classic prototypical agency model does not — and will never — work for businesses operating on online marketplaces such as Amazon.

The rise of digital retail has incited a new era of frictionless, omnichannel commerce which is causing businesses to bridge their online and offline channels to drive engagement. Internal and go-to-market messaging need to be in sync and broadcasted across a variety of channels simultaneously to reach multiple touchpoints and diverse audiences.

The traditional agency model got its origin with a generalist mindset, but given today’s widespread congruence of data, technology, and media, clients expect a personalized and bespoke experience, as well as a holistic understanding of their business objectives, instead of just a single point solution to address an isolated issue.

Instead of hiring a full-service agency, many brands are bringing their creative teams in-house or engaging in a partnership with a “new” kind of agency — a team of experts and specialists that leverage technology and data solutions and apply them to their clients’ unique business needs. By changing the structure of their teams, clients are opening the door to a deeply integrated, strategic approach to not only their projects and campaigns, but their long-term growth and success.

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To frame this up with a relevant example, the future of traditional retail has been massively disrupted due to the explosive growth of Amazon. To effectively navigate today’s e-commerce landscape, brands and retailers can not afford to have a “family of agencies,” complicated tech stack, or series of fragmented platforms that live under one roof.

Today, the metrics that matter to businesses are transactions and ROI, rather than campaign-level metrics such as impressions and reach. Clients that do not adapt to this way of thinking will struggle to keep pace in today’s dynamic business environment.

Moreover, multiple agencies claim they can manage clients’ Amazon operations, like they do with other channels, but end up stifling the clients’ growth because they lack the in-depth understanding of the market and the tools to help clients succeed in a fast-paced, complex, and competitive landscape.

Therefore, they end up relying on cumbersome, manual approaches to each deliverable. Clients need optimization technology, data, and a team of experts working in unison to help them grow and adapt to shifting priorities and policies from Amazon, changing consumer behaviors and expectations, and constantly advancing competition.

At Feedvisor, our team of Amazon experts functions as an extension of our clients’ teams, advocating for them and understanding their needs on a deep level in order to drive and sustain rapid growth and brand discovery. With advertising, for example, we work with our clients directly across each stage of their campaigns — from pre-launch strategy to execution and monitoring performance results to ensure the targeted ROI is achieved.

We then take the insights that we find from advertising and use them to optimize other facets of our client’s business, such as pricing and inventory. By offering the only holistic solution that leverages AI to enable success across Amazon, Feedvisor effectively arms brands and retailers with the tools, insights, and expertise necessary to generate lasting growth.

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