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The Amazon Back to School Playbook

In this practical playbook, uncover strategies that you can implement to effectively prepare your Amazon store for back to school season. By Catie Grasso May 7, 2019
The Amazon Back to School Playbook

With each passing moment, Amazon inches even closer to becoming a true “everything store.” According to our report that surveyed 2,000+ U.S. consumers, there was not one single product category that was purchased much more significantly than the others. As Amazon’s growing product selection is constantly becoming more diverse and driving broader demand, it can appeal to a larger consumer base as a result.

One event or selling period that spans multiple product categories and Amazon has effectively shouldered its way into over time is back to school (BTS) season. By taking specific measures to target both the K-12 audience as well as college shoppers, Amazon has become a leading destination for these types of purchases, with consumers being highly motivated by deals and discounts. In our latest resource, The Amazon Back to School Playbook, we explain how you can capitalize on Amazon’s back to school initiatives to funnel sales to your Amazon operation.

Catie Grasso
About the Author

Catie Grasso is a content manager at Feedvisor where she oversees and executes on the company's content strategy. She enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

What Will You Discover in the Playbook?

  • How Amazon’s insertion of Prime Day in the front end of BTS season has changed consumer purchase mentality for school products
  • The most popular back to school products, broken out by school audience
  • Unique strategies you can implement to prepare your store in advance of both Prime Day and back to school season
  • How you can leverage technology to optimize various aspects of your business, such as PPC advertising and demand forecasting

With the bulk of back to school shopping taking place between July and September, the season represents the opportunity for you to accomplish two initiatives: accelerate your sales velocity during a historically slow time for e-commerce and take any momentum that you build to start Q4 on the right foot. Through the actionable strategies outlined in this playbook, you will be able to take action now to ensure your listings are up to par for SEO and consumer engagement, prepare your ad campaigns to target your most relevant audience, guarantee ample inventory, and more.

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