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Amazon DSP: From the Basics to New Enhancements

Amazon DSP offers advertisers the ability to programmatically reach relevant audiences. Learn about DSP 101 and the platform's new enhancements here. By Catie Grasso April 10, 2019
Amazon DSP: From the Basics to New Enhancements

What Is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP — which stands for demand-side platform — enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ad placements at scale. The program is available to both advertisers who sell products and those who do not and allows participants to gain access to Amazon audiences.

It allows you to programmatically reach your audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and apps and leading publishers’ sites through direct, high-quality inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges. From manual site reviews to real-time bid evaluation, Amazon utilizes solutions to implement and upload quality standards and brand safety for participants.

How to Get Started With DSP

Amazon DSP uses technology to more efficiently buy and manage your display and video advertising mix. With programmatic advertising, the buying process is automated, pricing is based on a dynamic pricing model, and advertisers bid on impressions in real-time to deliver an advertisement to a specific audience.

With DSP, advertisers can choose from an enterprise self-service or managed services option. With self-service, customers are in complete control of their campaigns and there are no management fees. The managed services option, which typically requires a minimum ad spend of $35,000, grants companies access to Amazon DSP inventory with white glove service and provides guidance to those with limited programmatic experience. To register for Amazon DSP, contact an Amazon ad consultant. To get started with the program, click here.

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Using DSP to Drive Value and ROI

With DSP, advertisers can deliver and optimize relevant ads to the same audiences across devices and ad formats to help drive greater relevance and optimize campaign performance. Ads from DSP can appear in the form of desktop and mobile display ads, mobile banner ads, image and text ads, 5+ second in-stream video ads, and more. You have four targeting options with DSP:

  • Pixel-based targeting focuses on consumers who visit your brand’s website.
  • Product remarketing retargets consumers who viewed your promoted items but never converted.
  • Brand halo remarketing retargets consumers who viewed other products from your brand.
  • Similar product remarketing targets consumers that are browsing products similar to yours.

Usability Enhancements to Amazon DSP

In March of 2019, Amazon rolled out four key upgrades to the Amazon DSP user interface, based on feedback from participants in the program. They are outlined below.

1. Navigation

The most significant change Amazon made was to the overall “look and feel” of the Amazon DSP. Navigating within the platform is now more intuitive and efficient for users and buttons, toggles, and campaign status information are more prominent, allowing for a better user experience.

2. Bulk Editing

DSP users can now bulk edit the domain, location, and audience targeting settings for line items and can apply them across all line items selected.

Amazon DSP

3. Custom Reporting

The custom reporting feature allows you to create a unique report based on your requirements. You can save and access it within the Amazon DSP report center. You can also send it via email to recipients you specify.

Amazon DSP

4. Creative Moderation

Amazon mentions that they are working on “a number of improvements that will reduce the turnaround time for creative approval,” demonstrating their commitment to saving time for DSP participants. They have reduced the average time it takes for you to be notified if your creative needs revision.

Final Thoughts

Amazon DSP allows you to integrate ad creative across a variety of touchpoints, increasing exposure and sales as a result. Designed for brand owners with an established online presence, the program allows you to target consumers that are most likely to convert at the right time. According to Amazon, future enhancements to DSP will be rolled out throughout the year, further increasing the strategic capabilities within the platform.

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