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Interview With Raffy Wreschner, Feedvisor’s CFO and GM

In this interview, Raffy Wreschner, Feedvisor's CFO and GM, details Feedvisor's exceptional growth, how we help our customers and their businesses, and where we are headed in the future. By Lauren Glover April 16, 2018
Interview with Raffy Wreschner, Feedvisor’s CFO and GM
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Lauren is a Marketing Consultant at Blue Seedling, a New York-based marketing firm. When not working with Blue Seedling, Lauren can be found producing podcasts and directing live shows for the children’s media company Story Pirates.

Tell us a bit about what it’s like to be the CFO at Feedvisor.

My job as CFO is really quite varied. I look at my position as being something that can really help the company achieve its overall goals. If our overall goal is to grow, I get most involved in looking at how we can increase our market share, increase our market reach, and really improve the overall growth of the company. The last few years have been exceptional in terms of growth.

Tell us more about Feedvisor’s exceptional growth.

We are playing in a huge market that is constantly growing – a very exciting space to be in. We have cutting-edge technology, and we believe we’re ahead of our competition today. We continue to think and innovate. We continue to be ahead of the market and have huge potential to play in the e-commerce space. We’re taking on bigger and bigger customers, and we’re increasing the size of our teams. What we’re doing is revolutionary in the context of how much we know, how much data we analyze, and how many insights we can provide to our customers.

Why is the New York office a big move for Feedvisor?

In the last year and a half, our New York office has gone from zero people to over forty people. We’re really becoming a global organization. New York also lets us be closer to our customers, many of whom are there, or at least on the east coast. We’re able to pop around the corner and meet many of our customers in person.

Tell us a bit more about Feedvisor’s Series B funding in 2017. Why was that a particularly important step for the company?

Feedvisor is a VC-backed company. We’ve done two main funding rounds in the last three or four years. Most recently, we closed a $20M Series B round which was led by General Catalyst, a very well known investment fund on the east coast whose team has real expertise in the e-commerce space. Through that expertise, they have been able to help us connect more deeply with the e-commerce ecosystem.

Where do you think Feedvisor will be going in the future?

We have a software platform that helps companies and businesses who sell primarily on Amazon. We help them optimize their profit or their revenue, depending on what their strategy is. In the future, we’re looking to expand beyond the Amazon marketplace, so that more types of e-commerce businesses can benefit from our technology and the services we provide.

Why did you join Feedvisor?

The main reason I joined Feedvisor was because of the potential of this company to be a huge, successful, meaningful company in its space. I still believe that. I still see the company as a significant player in this huge market with the potential to be very impactful to e-commerce customers in many marketplaces across the world. That’s what makes it exciting for me.

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