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Amazon Announces Fashion Summer Sale Event to Help Brands Rebound After COVID-19

The June 22 event aims to provide a sales boost to merchants impacted by the pandemic. Discover the details and how to prepare your business. By Dawn Jenks June 9, 2020
Amazon Announces Fashion Summer Sale Event to Help Brands Rebound After COVID-19

Amazon announced this week via an email to its sellers that it will host a Fashion Summer Sale event later this month. The promotion aims to provide a boost to brands and sellers whose sales have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

The Fashion Summer Sale event will take place on June 22 and seller participation is by invitation only. The sale is expected to run for seven to 10 days. It is not currently clear which items will be discounted and whether the sale will be open to all Amazon customers or restricted to Prime subscribers only.

Based on the lack of an official name for the promotion and other pertinent information, it seems that Amazon is still finalizing all the details and is looking to attract seller participation first. 

According to the email Amazon sent its sellers on June 2, the company is “having the Biggest Summer Sale event to drive excitement and jump-start sales,” Amazon stated. “To drive customer engagement, we are asking for your participation.”

Also referred to as the “Big Style Sale,” the event will include seasonally relevant deals from both established and smaller fashion brands, according to Amazon. The company has asked sellers to submit deals for items with a discount of at least 30%.

Behind the Scenes of Amazon’s Summer Sale Event

The timing of this sale could point to different factors, all of which would undoubtedly benefit Amazon and apparel brands and sellers.

If there is one product category that can use a boost right now, it is fashion apparel, which has been the hardest-hit retail category in recent months. Consumers have been working from home with no social plans on their calendars and no need to look stylish. Plus, with unemployment skyrocketing, consumers are spending less on nonessential items like clothing. As a result, clothing store sales dropped 89% this April compared to the same period last year.

Amazon’s plans for the summer sale event may also be connected to the delay of its annual Prime Day event, which has reportedly been pushed back to September when it has previously been held in July. Sellers who were depending on Prime Day to make up for their recent losses now have an alternative promotion that could provide a similar wave of sales.

From a consumer standpoint, the timing of this event is ideal. Most of the country is coming out of their months-long lockdowns and finally heading back to work, to restaurants, and to social events with friends and family. Therefore, this sale meets the rising demand for new clothing as people start making their post-lockdown debuts.

Additionally, as Amazon hired 175,000 new employees in March and April, the company now has the workers in place to support such a big shopping event, on top of the substantial everyday sales made across the marketplace.

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Changing the Fashion E-Commerce Landscape

Consumers have typically preferred shopping for clothing in-store, where they can see the items better, feel them, and, most importantly, try on before buying. Retail stores may reopen their doors in the coming weeks, but that doesn’t mean consumers will be rushing back to walk through those doors. 

The fear of catching COVID-19 in a store where it is hard to social distance and customers touch many of the same items, such as clothes hangers, dressing room doors, surfaces, and more, may lead to a shift of more people shopping for apparel online. Amazon may see this as an opportunity to capitalize on that trend now, especially as fashion has been a category that it has been dedicated to growing over the last year.

This promotion is welcoming news for sellers who are eager to participate and have Prime Day to look forward to a few months later. Sellers can be optimistic that these promotions will help make up for the sales they lost over the past few months.

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