Rich multivariate data set

Feedvisor's decision-making matrix employs a rich diversity of data types, including: supply, demand, price elasticity, inventory fluctuation, growth rates, and the competitive landscape.

This complex data set allows for optimized decision-making, with any number of variables.

Self-learning algorithms

Feedvisor's Algo-Commerce engine has the unique ability to "learn" independently without any human input or rules.

It constantly re-evaluates itself and the market, gaining experience with every decision it makes.

Pragmatic decision engine

Feedvisor's decision-making engine responds instantaneously to changing variables, both internal and external to the business.

As the market changes, Feedvisor's algorithms change with it, adjusting to real-time conditions.

No rules = No biases

Feedvisor's algorithms make objective decisions untainted by human bias, allowing for a completely unprejudiced assessment of the market landscape.

As an online retailer, you can be certain that Feedvisor's algorithms are always making the best decisions for you.

How Algo-Commerce works

“Proprietary algorithms that solve specific problems that translate into actions will be the secret sauce of successful organizations in the future.”

Peter Sondergaard

Discover how Feedvisor’s cutting-edge algorithm can accelerate your business growth