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Amazon Attribution for Off-Amazon Advertising

Amazon Attribution for Off-Amazon Advertising

Promotion of your brand and products through off-Amazon channels is an essential way to drive Amazon sales. Utilizing your brand’s social media, email marketing, blogs, and search engine advertising are key strategies to generate brand awareness, customer loyalty, and highlight your company’s value proposition. 

However, to implement these strategies, you need to devote time, money, and resources, so you want to ensure that you invest in areas that produce the best results. Amazon Attribution can help you measure, optimize, and plan your off-Amazon marketing campaigns for the highest ROI

What Is Amazon Attribution? 

Amazon Attribution is a tool you can use to measure how different marketing efforts and messaging resonate with various audiences and how each campaign impacts awareness, consideration, and purchase decisions. This tool provides valuable insights that can help grow your business.

Amazon Attribution measures non-Amazon advertising media, including your brand’s search ads, social media, videos, blogs, and email marketing. This data is available to you in downloadable reports at any time through your console.

The reports include metrics on conversion rates, detail page views, Add to Carts, and purchases sourced directly from each ad, post, or campaign.

Setting up your Amazon Attribution capability is simple. Vendors can use this sign-up form, and sellers can register through their Seller Central account. Once it is set up, you add which products you want to monitor and generate unique URL tags for each promotion. You can then insert these tags within each of your marketing campaigns running across various media channels. 

When a consumer clicks on your product listing or Amazon store, you will be able to see exactly which campaign brought them there and whether they browsed or made a purchase.

Amazon Attribution gives you an on-demand, birds-eye view of which marketing strategies are providing the most sales and which ones are proving to be ineffective. With this knowledge, you can devote more resources to the campaigns that are working and immediately discontinue or revise the campaigns that do not produce desired results.

By knowing which types of ads and posts tend to resonate with consumers and influence their purchase decisions, you can also make informed decisions when planning ahead. 

Who Can Use Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is available to professional sellers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program and vendors in the U.S. marketplace. In the U.K. marketplace, it is currently available to vendors only. 

You can also grant access to your agency partners. Just select “Manage” at the top navigation in your console and then select “User management” to add specific users.

At this time, there is no cost associated with using the Amazon Attribution tool. 

Why Should Brands Use Amazon Attribution?

It is essential to continually monitor your paid traffic, both on and off Amazon. Just as you rely on your Sponsored ad reports to analyze your Amazon advertising campaigns, you will want to take advantage of Amazon Attribution to get that same level of intel across the off-Amazon channels you are using to drive shoppers to your products.

If you are just starting to advertise outside of Amazon or are testing the waters on implementing new tactics, such as creating blogs or posting on Instagram, Amazon Attribution will measure their performance. You can then analyze these metrics for the planning of future marketing initiatives.

Having the capability to track off-Amazon traffic allows you to follow the complete customer journey on how they discovered your brand and what motivated them to purchase your products. With Amazon Attribution, you can measure the impact of all your marketing efforts in one convenient place. 

Amazon Attribution offers valuable data, but how you decide to use this information is crucial. By knowing what types of campaigns drive sales and which ones do not, you can make necessary changes and improvements to increase your ROI moving forward.

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