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Making a Payment

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Payments, whether due to insufficient sales, order refunds, fees, or monthly charges, can be made via the Make a Payment tab in your account. By clicking on this button, outstanding fees will be charged to the pre-designated credit card that is attached to the seller’s account.

There is also an option to choose another card from the drop-down menu. If a seller chooses to pay the outstanding balance with a credit card that is not associated with the account, this can be done by changing the charge method within the Account Info tab.

Alternatively, one can click on the Repay Balance button that will appear at the bottom of the routine payments summary.

Note: This button will only be present if the seller has an outstanding balance to be paid. Sellers can opt to pay only a portion of the owed charges by choosing the “Other Amount” option and typing in the desired amount. The oldest charges will be processed first regardless of the amount that was entered.

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