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Every product’s price should be commensurate to the item’s value, and consider any additional circumstances, such as the seller’s investment, handling fees, and so on. Amazon maintains that any item sold via Amazon should be listed by the seller for no more than the seller charges for that same item on any other website. As long as sellers adhere to Amazon’s stipulation, they may set the prices of the items they sell however they choose.

Note: Sellers may not price items for more than $10,000, unless the item is in the category of Collectible Books, and has been approved by Amazon at a higher value.

Additional Pricing Options

Sellers may offer to provide gift wrapping to their buyers, a service that may be paid through Amazon. This fee is not included in the individual item listing. Shipping charges are also not considered as part of the item’s fee, and both gift wrapping and shipping fees are calculated within the Amazon seller fees.

Matching Lowest Price

Seller may use the Manage Inventory tab to set their Low Price Comparison preferences, and thereby match the current lowest price on Amazon by another seller for the same items. The two pricing columns, Your Price and Low Price, are found on the Manage Inventory tab.

  • Your Price is the actual item price, and shipping will be calculated at the lowest possible shipping price, based on seller preferences.
  • Low Price is the item’s current lowest price found on Amazon, including shipping.

Sellers are wise to use this feature, as it enables them to charge competitive pricing and garner their market share.

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